Friday, 9 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 9: Glad you said blue!

Just scraping in for today's post before bed (no help from a certain little kitty who nearly got her paw stitched to my baby dress!....oh Jane, she's fine really!). That's right, today I have finally made the baby dress I have been longing to see on my baby girl ever since that edition of the Ottobre magazine landed in my letterbox. I've had the fabric for months.

The main fabric is an oilily reprint I bought from etsy, a slightly indulgent but must have purchase! The contrast is a good quality fine cord I bought to matchat a local dressmaking shop, however when I got it home and sat the two fabrics together for a few days I wasn't so sure they "went". Then I dug the pink out of my stash, something I bought from Spotlight aaaaaages ago for my niece's doll clothes and thought for a moment that it went better, but I hadn't really wanted an all pink dress. It turns out that my first choice (and yours) was right. For one thing the quality matches that of the main fabric (sorry Spotlight lovers, but the quality of that pink stuff was not really up to scratch), and it really pops at the back where the ruffles are.

Sorry I don't have a photo to show as yet. It's buttonhole day tomorrow, and hopefully it will then be ready for some modelling action. My pintucks aren't as neat as I'd hoped but I am using the excuse that it was my first go at them and the busy fabric hid my markings. I still think it will look super cute on, and I did the next size up this time (since this dress only just fit around her chest despite it supposedly being the perfect measurement for her) so this one should last until we are blessed with summery weather.

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