Monday, 28 October 2013

KCWC - Oct 2013

It's Kids Clothes Week again! Or actually it WAS, I have postponed it for one week while I finished off Miss M's costume for her first ever calisthenics solo next weekend (she's Big Bird!).  So at my house the KCWC started last night.

I have been sorting through my fabrics, and the kids wardrobes, doing a bit of a spring clean, and I came across this cute froggy camouflage fabric I bought at Spotlight some years ago.  At the time Master A was pretty small, and I was a bit against camo gear for toddlers, but the little froglets called to me.  It's a bit more age appropriate now he is nearly 8, so my aversions have almost disappeared.

He's a pretty small kid, still comfortably fitting many size 5 shorts, but I grabbed the Big Long Boards pattern (sizes 6 - 10) by Make it Perfect, to cater for the years ahead.  I love this style for my boy, who hates buttons on the inside (and most bought shorts are too large at the waist unless they have adjustable waistbands), and still struggles to undo and do up a fly and button.  I saw a pair like this at target last year and snatched them up as they normally don't come in bigger than a size 2, and they have been our go to shorts.  

The only mod I made was to forego the drawstring (although I would have put a very short mock one on there had I find the right colour tape), because I knew it would end up pulled, chewed and soggy within a day of wearing these (ewww!). He wears a sensachew most days but drawstrings still seem to be a chew target, and that just grosses me out, especially when the drawstring is right there on the front of his pants!  I also made the wasitband smaller, following a tip I read on a sewing forum. 

First I measured his waist (tiny - he's our Skinny Mick!), subtracted 4" and cut a the elastic at that length.

Then I butted up the ends and zigzagged them together to baste.

Next I grabbed a scrap strip of fabric, wrapped it around the join and zigzagged both sides for strength.

I love how this takes out the bulk of the seam, when your kid is fussy about the way their clothing feels, this is a huge bonus!  I will be doing this every time now!

These came together pretty easily, although a little more time consuming due to the  double top-stitching everywhere, but still not too bad. I could have finished them in a single sewing session had I had the 2" elastic in my stash.  The knee patches took the longest to prepare and then that waistband took a bit of fidgeting with, but that's probably my fault as I made the waistband 3" smaller than designed. Overall, this is a great pattern that I will be definitely coming back to.  I am tempted to by the Little Long Boards pattern for baby and toddler gifts, as they are just fabulous for any age.