Friday, 28 November 2008

Soft shoe love!

When I was told last night that today's combined mother's group birthday party was definitely a goer, I had a brief moment of panic, realising that last time I saw our first mum to bring another baby into our group, I promised her I had a little gift for him at home. (A little fib, saying I already had it, but I had only the fabric and hadn't gotten around to doing anything with it...)

After finishing my own bubba's blockout curtain #1 ready to hang, I pulled out my Ottobre magazines ready to make up a cute pair of overalls that would be the perfect size for him. However on closer inspection the little overalls had a sewn crotch rather than snaps there. Sure I could modify it, but it was already 10pm, I hadn't even drafted the pattern, and I was in no mood for modifying patterns to watch it all go wrong due to being so tired.

So out came the baby shoes pattern again. I just love it. So quick to make and so gratifying as they are just too cute for words. And this time I decided to use the beautifully soft suede that one of my due in December forum buddies sent me last time she spied baby shoes on my blog. She had a whole heap of scraps given to her, not big enough for much else except baby shoes and maybe teddybear paw pads, but oh so soft and a gorgeous colour, and perfect for the shoes! I love stroking the soles of these shoes, just so nice to touch!

I had the shoes made by 11:30 and then waddled off to bed, thinking I'd grab a little white gift box on the way to the party and tie it with a nice blue ribbon. But the 4:30am loo stop woke me up, and suffering "pregnancy back" I tossed and turned and couldn't get back to sleep. SO what is one to do at a quarter to six when the house is all quiet? Head to the sewing room to applique a onesie of course! Luckily I had a 00 in my box of things to embellish as little Lachlan is already nearing the 3m mark - it has been a while since I've been able to catch up with the Mums due to work.

So here is what I will be giving Lachlan's mummy today. I hope it's a hit!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

One for Inca

I decided to keep that little pink dress after all and hunted through my stash for more 1yrd pieces that I could make more dresses from. I decided on this Robert Kauffman number for Inca (although it's one of my favourite fabrics). Being a second dress it is better made than the first so I decided to gift this one to little Inca.

We didn't get to see them on the weekend, so I made some matching shoes to make it a set.

Then I had a gift to make for my Secret Stork pressie on the Essential Baby forums (Due in December group). I had planned on using a Peter Rabit fabric (on a green background) but didn't quite have enough so decided on this moda fabric by Me & My Sister designs (Sweet baby Jane).

Of course I had to turn it into a set too, so added this cute little sunhat I have made before as a gift when Elizabeth was born.

Now I think I need to make hat AND baby shoes to go with that pink dress... and if bub comes out a girl, perhaps a matching nappy (since nappies aren't the best things to store for gifts because hardly anyone I know uses cloth nappies).

LAST DAY OF WORK TOMORROW!!! Yipeeee! Looking forward to not feeling dead on my feet, for at least a couple of weeks anyway.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Festive butt!

Here's the little Christmas nappy I whipped up after embroidering the reindeer the other week. I had to wait for the red velour to arrive for the inner before I could sew it up, and found a little scrap of red star fabric for the tabs in my scrap bag - perfect! Can't wait to see it on the baby now. I followed this tutorial to help roll in the legs this time and it worked out so much better than the last one. I think I'm quite happy with my pattern now.

And then there is this little dress I made this week for friends who are the proud new parents of little Inca, however I think I like it too much to give it away... just in case we have a little girl too. I might have to make another one and then decide which one to give. I want to make a matching sun hat or pair of baby shoes too before we go and visit for a cuddle.

The pattern was from Ottobre 3/2007 and quite simple except for the sleeve easing - I think I might need to get some practise at that if we do have a little girl bundle - because of course it would mean I'd be making tonnes more little dresses!

The washing machine is calling me now, filled to the brim with little white onsies, singlets, socks etc. waiting to be hung on the line and put neatly in the drawers to await bub's arrival. Three days left of work and then I can hopefully get those curtains finished and get some rest before the big event - less than a month to go now!!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Doll quilt recieved and 3rd birthday gifts

Yesterday morning, before the Christmas pageant Austy and I did our grand opening of the EB Doll Quilt Swap parcel that finally got here unscathed, after a few mishaps with the post and confusion over our address. It was well worth the wait - the photos tell the story!

How cute is this little robot, designed and made by Lily in my favourite colours - pale aqua and rich deep brown? Austy was besotted and so happy that his "baby" now had his own quilt (Benji Bear claimed the one AJ made him last year) that he ran and grabbed him and proceeded to read him stories on his new quilt. Aaaawww...

And today was no less busy. After finishing James' birthday gift at 2am this morning, we woke at 8am to get ready for two birthday parties - Austy's best friend and Emma's gorgeous boy James, and Austy's equally favourite 3 yr old, his cousin Elizabeth both had their big day today. I had decided that I wanted to make James a personalised cushion a few weeks ago, but amidst all the nappy making, curtain making and Masters thesis writing (I submitted my completed draft on Friday which just needs a final tweek after I hear from the faculty advisor), I just didn't get it started until Thursday. All I managed on Thursday night was the embroidery, which was causing me grief as my machine was having a bad day, and catching the bobbin thread in knots in one area so the threads kept breaking. It took 2hrs to do just the embroidery, stop start all the way so it was quite frustrating. Friday was a dedicated curtain making day as I was work and Austy free, so I didn't get to start the actual cushion piecing until Saturday night - and we didn't get Austy to bed until 9pm so it was a late start. I enjoyed the quilting process though - such a nice size to spin through the machine - I love it! Here's the result:

It was cute watching James open it, he just wrapped his arms around it and gave it a cuddle! The frogs go with his bedroom theme, just as Austy's cushion is designed to suit his room theme.

Then it was onto party number 2 where we gifted the birthday girl with this little number, a ruffled skirt I made up as I went along. Unfortunately the rushed photo doesn't show up the fabrics clearly - the top tier is a Michael Miller aqua swirl, then the next is a Michael Miller daisy fabric followed by a Timeless Treasures print in the perfect shade of green to match the daisies that I had left over from a quilt border. The binding and waistband is a Michael Miller chocolate swirl (same as the aqua) and the ties are stitched to elastic, and made from a fabric strip that came wrapped around one of my Z&S Fabrics orders through the year.

Austy tried it on for me during the making process and wouldn't take it off - he loved twirling in it!! Even though at that stage it had no elastic and needed to be held up. I think I might have to make him a skirt for the dress-ups box... although his Dad would be less than amused!!! I was in trouble for taking this photo:

Unfortunately the excitement and sunshine was too much for our boy today as no sooner had we come home and bathed him, he was sick all over the rug... We are hoping it's not gastro, but he actually ate quite healthily today considering he was at two parties, he didn't even eat birthday cake and was much happier eating fairy bread and watermelon over sausages so I don't think it was anything he ate. Hoping a good night's sleep fixes him.

Friday, 7 November 2008

EB Sewing Buddies - Secret Santa Swap

Just as one swap ends, another one starts! Hopefully I can manage to stitch something for this one, otherwise I will send some scrummy sewing supplies and fabric instead.

My answers:

Would you like something handmade as a gift?
I don't mind if it's handmade or bought, more fabric never goes astray if my swappee doesn't have alot of time. It would be nice to get something handmade, but I would be equally happy with quilting fabric or luscious minkee or velour nappy cuts for my nappy sewing addiction, or funky modern patterns.

Do you have a favourite Christmas Colour?
I love bright Christmas fabrics, but also like traditional things as well. I have varied tastes, but of course turquiose/aqua is my favourite colour year round.

Do you decorate the whole house or just a part of it?
Just the family room, but this year is our first in teh new house so not really sure yet. The tree will go in the formal lounge if we can get it organised in time - it currently is a bit of a junk room (woops)

Do you have any Christmas Traditions?
Not really. We are just starting our own now that Austy is getting older. He has a photo santa sack I made him when he was 1, with a photo of his first Christmas on the front and I will do the same for bubs.

What sizes are your children?
So far I only have Austy and he's a size 4 top (long body) and size 3 pants, bub is due in time for Christmas so 000 I guess (Austy was over 9lb/4kg so I am expecting this one won't be tiny but so far is looking to be smaller than he was).

Do you like quick projects or things that take a little longer?
Definitely quick projects - I rarely get long sewing sessions these days

Is there anything that you like to collect?
Not really... unless fabric counts!!

Doll Quilt Swap big reveal

Today was our big opening day for all of the parcels all over the country. Unfortunately I am one of the last to receive mine again (I think I am jinxed!!!) however it's not the fault of the stitcher so much as a stuff up with the post office and confusion over my address. Austy's Dad found my quilt parcel on the way to work and has it there now, so I will have to wait until morning to open mine, but am just happy it is safe and sound! It was a big emotional roller coaster saga afternoon while I hunted down the rogue quilt so a huge relief that I know it will be sleeping under my roof late tonight when he gets home from work.

In the mean time, I can reveal the whole quilt I made. I called it "Little Island Discoveries" as it was made for Kira, a cute little girl who was born the same week as Austy, and who know lives on a little island where she has tonnes of space to explore and make her own island discoveries this summer. Her Mum Kylie said she was after something fun and bright, so I worked with that, and the island theme. Of course I got a little carried away with the miniture embroideries (each less than an inch square) but enjoyed the process of paper piecing - this being my first paper pieced quilt. The pieces are really quite tiny so it took a lot of time, but it was challenging and rewarding. To give it a more finished look I added the tiny appliques at the bottom and it was quite difficult to keep my stitches neat and even due to the size of the appliques. The backing fabric was just perfect for the quilt - something that jumped out at me from equilter whilst selecting sea colours, and I just knew I had to have it for Kira's little quilt.

Monday, 3 November 2008

More nappy talk

So far bub's stash consists of 7 homemade fitteds, 2 home made pockets, 3 woolly nappy covers and now an All-In-One. This is the nappy project from Saturday - I embroidered a couple of nappy cuts (one is a Christmas nappy waiting for some red velour to arrive for the inner) and then drafted my own pattern and stitched up this little number.

I also finished this little Mini WonderSoaker (pattern available at the Wooly Wonder Store), all except the drawstring which still needs to be added but last night I decided to cast on some wool shorties instead, using some deliciously soft O-Wool.

I was naughty and got caught up in the latest Bubblebubs stocking too, ordering two more AIO's and had to order one of the Minky Magicalls that I've heard everyone raving about. I know I shouldn't buy nappies when I can make them myself at less than half the price, but I also feel that my time is running out and I don't have anywhere near the number of nappies I had made at this stage when pregnant with Austy. Don't worry though, my blog hasn't been completely overcome by nappies.

There will also be the big reveal of this little quilt in the next week or so (opening day is Friday) and hopefully one for me to open at my end on Friday too.

Then there's a couple of 3yr old's birthday presents I need to whip up between now and Sunday, so tonight I am either working on those, or cutting out pocket nappies. More on those later (and maybe a sneak peak or two!)