Friday, 6 January 2012

My First Pattern Release!

Yes, it's a small project (can be knitted in one night!) but I am chuffed, that I have finally built up the courage to hit the "activate" button on the first pattern in my Ravelry store!

You have to start somewhere, right?

You can download the pattern for FREE here

 It is my Otis Baby Hat pattern, designed to compliment Georgie Hallam's Milo Vest.  I designed this hat for two very special boys, almost a year ago and it received a lot of interest in Ravelry (probably because Georgie's Milo pattern is so popular - I have knitted 7 of them and I hardly ever knit something more than once!) so I decided to have a go at pattern writing and publish it for free. 

Look out for baby, toddler and child sizes in the next couple of months.

Here is my final test of the newborn size, a new hat for Madelyn's baby doll Zoe.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

And the girl is happy too

Maddy couldn't wait another day for her Cat in The Hat jarmies, so I went my own way with her shorts. No fake fly, just a ruffled hem on a pair of one piece shorty bottoms I drafted myself, with plenty of growing room.
It's a shame the size 4 purchased tee is a little snug - luckily I have a tiny bit of fabric left so I can applique another for her when she outgrows it.
A just turned 3 year old isn't quite as co-operative as a just turned 6 year old, so the photo session was quick and snappy! And of course she had to pull a face, funny girl.
And here they are snuggled on the couch together in matching PJ's and bed hair. Aaaw....

Monday, 2 January 2012

Welcome to 2012

Well, another year has flown by in a nano-second, and while I haven't blogged for almost a year, I am back... at least for now! Life gets in the way as most of you know, and I am looking to change things up a bit in the near future so that I can stress a little less and have more time for my kidlets. In the mean time, I know I have some busy times ahead, so I will try to update when I can this year, without making this blog become yet another thing that I am behind in.

The first day of the year has been our hottest this summer (I think!) so yesterday I was super appreciative of my DH who got up on the roof and replaced the pads on the air conditioner as soon as summer commenced. The house has never been this cool (except in winter of course!) and I loved being stuck indoors yesterday as I got a start on the kids' Cat in The Hat pyjamas that I promised them about a month ago.

I did have a few interruptions, as our new baby (an English Mastiff called Lewis) doesn't like the heat, and gets a bit silly when inside. We are slowly training him to stay on his mat but he is a stubborn boy, and likes to wander around and steal toys off the kids! He was also so hot yesterday that he decided the mat was too far away from his indoor water bucket, and instead laid right next to it with his tail in it, so you can imagine the shower we all got when he stood up and wagged it.

After a couple of swimming sessions in the pool though, the kids (and puppy) were out like a light and I set about finishing these pyjamas. I used the Louey Boxers pattern for Austy's pyjama bottoms for a change. I usually draft my own pattern for his bottoms, and the fishy pair that Maddy now wears, still fit him (in the bottoms) but I decided that it was time for some real boxers. I must admit, when I first downloaded this e-pattern, I was dissappointed and not sure if I would make them or draft my own as they don't have a back seam and I thought they would look silly. However, when I thought about it, I decided to give them a try since Austy doesn't like the feel of seams in his clothes and they'd be more comfortable for sleeping in.
They took a bit of effort to prepare the pieces (lots of pressing and folding) but the folding template that helps to fold over the correct seam allowances, is genius! Also I was impressed with the level of detail and how these are so similar to DH's purchased boxers. The buttons you see on the fly are not functional, but they very well could have been. I love that this pattern gives you the option to fake it or do a working fly. I was so tempted to make them with the working fly but I asked the man of the house, who said he never uses the fly on his as it's more fiddly to undo the button than pull them down, and figured it would be easier for Austy too. He also reminded me that Austy has a fascination for pants with a fly and they would end up needing washing more times than they were worn if I did the working fly! So I sighed (as I love the cuteness factor of them being just like Daddy's) and stitched the fly flaps together.
I am not sure that I will use this pattern for Madelyn's matching PJ's (I have the red Cat in The Hat fabric for hers), or whether I will draft a basic shorts pattern with a ruffle hem to girly them up a bit. I am out of underpants elastic and since the elastic is expopsed in the Louey Boxers, I wouldn't want to use anything else. So I guess it really depends if I want to wait until the shops are open again tomorrow to start making them!
Pattern Review
Pattern Name: Louey Boxers
Pattern by: Sis Boom
Pros: So quick to purchase (downloadable PDF), beautifully detailed (just like Daddy's), excellent tutorial-like instructions with full colour photos for every step. Excellent size range - 6m to 12 years!
Cons: No seam at the rear (although I am not sure that is a con now - quicker to sew, more comfy to wear), 1/4" seams (I much prefer wider seam allowances so I can let my overlocker trim as it neatens rather than have the fabric sitting in away from the cutter).
Overall rating: 4.5 sewing reels!
And here's a pic of our own Lewey Bear cooling off inside yesterday.