Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A magical parcel

Now I am feeling a tad guilty because I still haven't shipped off the package I have put together for my swap partner in the ravelry Summer Baby Swap (as it's still waiting on one more item that I need to hit the sewing machine for as soon as I have energy again and two hands free). But look what came my way today!

A wonderful, wonderful package from Janis at Marshmallow Magic. Enough to brighten anyone's day, and the way we have all been feeling lately a little day brightening is very much needed!

So much stuff! My favourites are the little bobble two-strap booties, they are so funky and they stay on really well. Excuse the socks - I don't think they are meant to be worn with those but I excitedly tried everything on, without worrying about how it went with what she aleady had on (or clearing up the toys for that matter!!).

Also included for Maddy are a cute little personalised headband (which goes quite well with the top she has on today), a hairclip for when she grows some and a snuggly warm earflap hat.
For me, some super cute handmade stitch markers, passionberry lip balm in it's own cute little crochet holder, pretty blue buttons,some New Zealand merino wool yarn and some pinky bars (they look super sweet so I'll save a taste for after dinner). And last but not least a book which I think is for Austy (or perhaps both kids).

I think I scored!

The only thing I have made over the past few days (other than finishing touches to the parcel I will be sending very shortly) is a very boring doll's cloth nappy. I got sick of Austy raiding Maddy's nappy stash for a way too big nappy for his "baby" everytime he decided that the other one I made his doll had been soiled. So I sat him on my lap yesterday when I had finally gotten Madelyn down for a nap (no such luck today - she's still so congested and coughing too much to sleep laying down) and together we made his baby a nappy. A minky nappy at that, with cute little grip tabs that Austy selected from my scraps bag.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Not much time to type

or do much else here as we have had a bad couple of weeks. First Maddy had a nasty cold, then Austy got sick with a virus, then gave it to me where it turned into a chest infection and poor Maddy came down with an ear infection on Thursday night. We finally found a pain reliever that she doesn't just throw up instantly, but she's still very clingy and unhappy, and doesn't want to lay down to sleep, which keeps my hands pretty well occupied!

But here's a couple of FO's to keep you entertained while I am holding the baby.

First, one of my favourite nappies... I still have a few morecuts of minky embroidered and ready to turn into AIO's but just haven't managed it just yet, but I love the way this one turned out.

Second, a snuggly warm "Eyelet Vest" - a Debbie Bliss designI loved at first sight which started at size 6-12m so I had to wait until now to try it. I had some herloom baby wool just sitting there waiting to use for small baby gifts but dyed it up for Maddy instead. So far every time she has worn this she has sicked on it... but I still think it looks cute on.

And finally these little baby boots I did a while ago, an etsy pattern from ithinksew, but unfortunately the boots don't get worn as they don't last 5 seconds witout getting kicked off. The ankles are far too wide and I think the pattern either needs modifying or adding some seriously stiff interfacing (to make them sturdy like ugg boots). I added some elastic to the back of the ankle but it wasn't enough. They are cute... but so not practical. Instead I cast on some little knitted socks for her and hope that maybe they will stay on her feet.
[pic to come - it's on my dud laptop that wont show anything on its screen...]

I am just about to post of a swap parcel (ravelry baby themed swap) to some little American twins who have been thinking about coming early - it was meant to be already sent but with the health issues we've had here lately, I'd rather hang onto it for a couple more days and make sure I get everything into the parcel that I want to send instead of cutting short on a few items just to meet deadline. Here's a little sneak peak of what I am sending:

Totally not craft related, but for those of you who keep telling me Madelyn is the spitting image of Austin, heres a pic of him at the same age.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Slow going

There hasn't been as much crafting happening around here as I'd like, but that's kind of what happens when the sleep dwindles. My baby girl is now halfway through her first year, with two bottom teeth and munching down solids, but for some reason, she's still sleeping terribly. We can't see any more teeth on the way yet, but suspect it is perhaps the result of starting solids and getting used to that (Austy slept well until the solids started) or maybe the result of the 6m immunisations and rotavirus vaccine. Who knows, I just know that lately she has slept much worse than a newborn at night, often waking 2-3hrly, or (gulp) ONE hourly during some parts of the night. At least Austy forewarned me with a similar great sleeping habit in the first 6 months only to be spoiled in the second half of his first year.
I've also had limited computer time too, so it's hard to update the blog - my laptop screen decided it's lived long enough!

Anyway, I did manage this cute little 3pc set, that would have had booties as well but I used every last skerric of fabric on the rest of the set. Terrible photos, due to the very wet and cloudy weather we've had here lately and a bub due for a sleep who was squirming everywhere. It looks way better in real life, I just adore the "Baby Nay" fabric I used for the top, that I found over at Crafty Mamas.

And a little knitted ballerina wrap cardy, finished last week: