Saturday, 26 June 2010

Purple People Eater

I made this little jacket back in January but because it was so huge, therre was no hurry to find buttons. I took my time and found these gorgeous flower buttons and now it fits better and it's cool enough to wear it. I love it with this set as it makes the purple butterflies stan out on her pants and top.
This cardy is called "In Threes", a pattern available in ravelry. Unfortunately it wasn't tested well prior to pattern release and lots of people found that the sizing was off. This is the 12m size, but much closer to 2yrs (Maddy is in everything size 2 now as she's so tall - 87cm and growig like a weed!). The pattern is now at V5 which should have fixed the sizing but I was one o the earlier knitters who made the first version.

It gapes a biunder the armpits as you can see in the pic at the piano with her brother. The good thing is I should get two winters out of it unless she grows out of it lengthwise.

I have started giving Austy piano lessons which should have him well prepar for a proper teacher when he gets to school. He has always loved music and I have always wanted for him to learn piano - perhaps I am living through him, giving him opportunities I never had as a kid (I love the sound of the piano). I had lessons when I was at uni, doing two levels before I moved to Adeliade and had a horrible teacher who had no time for me - I think she preferred teaching kids - she was very strict with me since I was an adult and took a lot of enjoyment out of it for me. Never the less I played what I could when Austy was a baby, often setting him up beside the piano in his rocker, bassinette or high chair and just getting him used to the sounds. Yesterday he watched intently as the tuner did his work and was humming along when he stuck each note. I was amazed at how close he sang the notes as most kids his age sing quite monotone.
So far he knows about where the high notes are, where the low notes are, can identify going up/going down, knows about half steps and full steps, knows his finger numbers and is practicing moving them independently, and has been introduced to notes and rests (reading music). He knows about beats, and can tell me how many beats you need to play for each type of note. Next I will start to teach him the letter names of each of the keys. Not so long ago I thought that because I couldn't play piano well, I couldn't teach him a thing, but I have since learned otherwise. He is a fantastic student listens intently and concentrates very well when I ask him to do things. I am so glad I am able to encourage is love for music at such an early age.
Youtube has been invaluable with giving me great teaching tips and ideas, and giving him videos of concerts to watch and real pianists playing beautiful music. He loved i at the end of the tuning session yesterday when the tuner played a few songs (very beautifully might I add) to test if the tune would hold, and gave a hearty applause when he had finished! The tuner was delighted with his audience.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Little Hoot, Big Hoot

Here is a pair of Milo vests fresh off the needles. DH won't let me put Austy's on him - says it's too girly, so I snuck in a photo op at the park late this afternoon. It would look better with a navy top under it or a collared shirt but with my haste I had to go with what he had on.

Madelyn's is made from that gorgeous gradient that Celia gifted me with in the last ravelry swap. Everything about it is perfect. The wool for Austy's was dyed by Cela too, and I love the colours, it's just DH that doesn't! No wonder everything in Austy's wardrobe is brown, red or navy. It's too hard to judge what DH might think otherwise!

I also made a coupe of newborn vests as "tide me over" pressies when their quilts weren't finished in time. I must get my finger out and finish those quilts but I just don't feel good enough about my sewing right now. I am in the middle of a pair of Ottobre pants for Austy which were turning out well ntil I did the fly, and now they are screwed up in the corner of my sewing desk as it just didn't go quite right. I should have done it my normalway but I followed the Ottobre instructions - never again! When I know how to do something next time, I am doing it my way.

I am still going with my decluttering a little bit at a time, and we will soon have a lounge room that is useable, and my sewing corner will be more organised and pleasurable to work in :) Keeping up with the washing and housework and having it all done with time to spae for decluttering is taking up more time than I thought and therefore eating a chunk out of my craft time, but I am getting there and it's nice having a house that people can "drop in" on without feeling like the worst wife/motherhousekeeper in the world. I am also making sure I spend time on me - something I have neglected in a long time, doing thngs like spa baths, baking my favourite treats, home fascials, manicures etc. and knitting in front of my favourite TV shows. I am trying to keep away those guilty thoughts of things unfinished and just working on things when I have the time to enjoy them. Hopefully my new routnes and decluttered home will find me some more time for the sewing machine too!