Sunday, 24 June 2012

Since I don't have anything new to show...

I thought I should post a photo of the doll quilt I sent out just after Christmas, for last years EBDQS. The little doll modelling it is Madelyn's Baby Stella, who is wearing a little dress I made her using left over wool from a summer top I made for Madelyn.

Here is the top that I made, using the same wool, which I hand dyed to match a delicate pink flower headband I had picked up at a craft market.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tiny footprints

A couple of weeks ago I caught up with my local Ravelry buddies for a knit-in morning.  Normally I take it as a rare kid-free adventure, but this time Madelyn came along and was ever so quiet that she may even get to come again so that Austy can have some special Daddy time.  I really enjoy sitting down with a cuppa, some yummy treats and some like-minded Mums for a catch up while we share what projects we are knitting and yarns we are working with.  I am so used to knitting on my own, when the kids are in bed, that it's refreshing to talk knitting with real live people!  Not that I get much knitting done, but I come home feeling happy and relaxed, which has to be the main thing.

Anyway, this time, as I pulled out my latest project, someone asked "What tiny thing are you working on today Joy?".  I loved that I was able to shock them with "It's not tiny - it's somnething for ME!" as I pulled out a cardigan I am working on which will hopefully be my first me knit (other than a few socks/scarves) since my first jumper disaster when I was 15! Okay, so it was actually tiny as I hadn't gotten very far.  I haven't had much knitting time until just recently, and I thought I could get some done this week while I have been home sick with the flu, but unfortunately I could only fathom a few rows at a time, as my asthma is playing up and has lead to a nasty chest infection so even knitting is taking it's toll.

Finally with some antibiotics in my system, last night I decided to pick up a tiny project, and a crochet hook instead.  I love that these tiny things are so quick to do, and therfore not a huge amount of effort.  Great little in-betweener projects or for times when the bigger knit I am working on is just a bit too much.  I still can't crochet much more than a tiny hat, but practice makes perfect, right?

When I'd made the hat, I realised it was the perfect shade of pink and the just the right size to go with the little smock I had made a while ago for Angel Baby Nappies.

So this morning, while we stayed warm and dry inside (both Austy and I are on antibiotics now, thanks to the flu Maddy brought home from childcare), I made a matching little nappy.  So now it's a complete set for a 22-24w gestation preemie.  All ready to add to the other odd nappies and hats I have made for charity.  Since I know I can't make huge amounts of these becasue I just don't have the time I'd like to be able to do that much, instead I am going to try and put together a few special matching sets, and try and spread them around to a few different charities.

I couldn't resist that lace on the bum!  It was a little piece I had left over from the liberty top I made Madelyn a couple of summers ago - too small fro anything but too pretty to throw out.  I am so glad I kept it now - it fitted perfectly across the width of the nappy - meant to be!

(Oh and I can't take credit for the crochet blanket - that was Austy's baby rug, now claimed by Maddy, made by my beautiful Nanna)