Thursday, 29 November 2007

Little quilts and a birthday boy

I was going to wait until I received confirmation that this little quilt arrived at it's destination, but it was due to arrive a week ago and I haven't heard anything. If I don't blog it now I will never blog it, as the longer it takes the more I think it's not worth blogging... (I was nervy sending it because I was worried it wouldn't be liked). I am a bit down about the whole thing now and not sure I'll make for people I don't know again. I know it's not perfect but I thought it was at least worth a "Thanks".

But here it is, the "This Little Piggy" doll quilt, for a DIN05 girl who is now 2!! I went a bit freestyle on the borders - heaps more fun than straight lines!

Actually, she turned 2 last Sunday, the same day my own little prince hit that milestone. Here is the birthday boy in his birthday finery (a little shirt I made him for the occation) although he had a sore throat so wasn't a very cooperative model.

He did get spoilt though, lots of Thomas, junior mechano, clothes, and other toys. And here is my lame attempt at making a Thomas cake. I was unwell all week preceding his birthday and for half of this week too, so this is the best I could do. It tasted good though! A rich chocolate cake that we thought gave Austy a tummy upset, but on Monday the doctor told us that no, it's not the chocolate cake but a virus Austy had that did that. So we let him have a nice big piece that night! (All he got on his actual birthday was a nibble after we thought the taste test Saturday night caused the trouble.)

And Down Under Quilts have finally released the winners of the blankets of love challenge, so I think it's safe for me to share my finished quilt now. Nowhere near as good as the winners, but I am all inspired for next year now!

For some strange reason only some of my pics enlarge when you click them, and today it won't work. So if you want to see them bigger, go to my flickr account - link in my side bar.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Nautical tank

Finally I get around to revealing this little tank I made for baby Jett, a second generation EB Due In November 05 baby (little brother to Austy's friend Kiera). I gifted it a few weeks ago, just a bit slow updating the blog!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Quilty parcel RECEIVED!!!

And Austy is oh so happy - just get a look at that grin! We have had lots of fun this evening with a teddy bears picnic out the back. As soon as Austy realised this little quilt (carefully crafted by the talented AJ) was for him and Benji Bear, he scooped it up, ran to his bedroom and grabbed Benji Bear and his buddies and asked for his baby quilt (it was in his cot with the side up still) before running out the back to feed his toys a tasty dinner of leaves. Mmmmm!

Just check out the detail on this cute little quilt! The riangles are seriously tiny, and very much Austy's favourite part - his first remarks on opening the package were "WOOOOOOOOWWW!!" and "Little twiangles!". He loves the trucks too and the prarie points certainly set it off beautifully. My new baby quilt book has them on every quilt, so I'd love to try my hand at them sometime soon, and this little quilt has given me even more inspiration.

Here's the pretty pink wrapping fabric, that was tied with a pretty silver ribbon holding a little handmade card to the pressie:

I have tonnes of photos (can you tell I got carried away?!) but I need to get to bed some time tonight and blogger takes too long to load them all. Just about every teddy, doll and stuffed animal in the house had to try it out ;)

Check out all the other gorgeous mini quilts here Everyone did an amazing job. It is certainly a pleasure to be a part of this group as I can tell they have a lot to teach me!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Ted quilt REVEALED!!

Ted quilt REVEALED!!, originally uploaded by austysmum.

Here is the moment you've all been waiting for! (Tee hee)

My EB Doll Quilt swapee has finally opened her gift, and the winner is.... Natalie! & Jai of course, after all it is his name on the label ;)

So there you have it in all it's glory, the teddy "Bug Collector" quilt.

Keep your eyes peeled as I am currently on a vendettor to catch my post man and make him hand over my quilty parcel from AJ too!!!

Monday, 5 November 2007

A garden tea party

Yesterday, our cute little neice and Austy's much loved cousin Elizabeth (or "Lizzi-Biff" as he calls her... hey, it used to be just plain "Biff"!) grew into a 2yr old! For her birthday she grew a tiny curl on her almost hairless head, and her Mum is certainly pleased, having worried she'd be bald for the rest of her life, especially after Austy had his 5th haircut on Friday!(sob - DH had his cute little clown curls chopped off!) However what she lacks in hair she certainly makes up for with character and cuteness, she loves to play Mummy and is often trying to feed Austy or hold his drink for him, while he likes to play baby and happily oblidges. So what else would I give her but a little doll quilt of course!

But DH had no faith in me, and told me to go and buy her a "real present" so Austy and I went out on Friday morning and picked out this tea set while DH played golf. I had already named the quilt, and wanted a little tea set to go with it. I nearly came back empty handed, until the sales lady steered me away from the super pink girls toy section (that seemed like a totally different world to me!) and into the much safer toddler section, where the Fisher Price musical tea set smiled at me and yelled "pick me, pick me!" It was perfect, and even kept Austy amused while I clothes shopped, as he kept pressing the teapot and singing along "I'm a little teapot, short and stout..."

So here they are, Elizabeth, Austy and second cousin Mackenzie celebrating together on teh little quilt I gave her.
And a few of you were wondering what happened on dress-up day... Well it poured with rain here, and DH isn't all that good with the camera indoors. Austy was all hyper from being trapped indoors, and made it even harder for him to get a good shot while I was at work (he only goes to childcare for the afternoon session just before DH leaves for work). So here is about the best shot we have for now, waiting for a nice sunny weekend when we can play dress-ups again and I can get snap happy myself.