Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Quilty parcel RECEIVED!!!

And Austy is oh so happy - just get a look at that grin! We have had lots of fun this evening with a teddy bears picnic out the back. As soon as Austy realised this little quilt (carefully crafted by the talented AJ) was for him and Benji Bear, he scooped it up, ran to his bedroom and grabbed Benji Bear and his buddies and asked for his baby quilt (it was in his cot with the side up still) before running out the back to feed his toys a tasty dinner of leaves. Mmmmm!

Just check out the detail on this cute little quilt! The riangles are seriously tiny, and very much Austy's favourite part - his first remarks on opening the package were "WOOOOOOOOWWW!!" and "Little twiangles!". He loves the trucks too and the prarie points certainly set it off beautifully. My new baby quilt book has them on every quilt, so I'd love to try my hand at them sometime soon, and this little quilt has given me even more inspiration.

Here's the pretty pink wrapping fabric, that was tied with a pretty silver ribbon holding a little handmade card to the pressie:

I have tonnes of photos (can you tell I got carried away?!) but I need to get to bed some time tonight and blogger takes too long to load them all. Just about every teddy, doll and stuffed animal in the house had to try it out ;)

Check out all the other gorgeous mini quilts here Everyone did an amazing job. It is certainly a pleasure to be a part of this group as I can tell they have a lot to teach me!


AJ said...

More importantly Joy...what did your DH think of the 'handmade' 'not real' present??

Andrea said...

What a lucky little boy Austy is, AJ has donea wonderful job, the photos are just adorable!

Cascade Lily said...

Joy no wonder Austy is so happy - OMG those tiny triangles are just amazing! AJ did such a great job!

belle said...

Joy, your boy is just gorgeous, that heart melting grin, how do you stand it:)

I've actually followed you here from rugz4kidz...please can I have an address to send the rug on to... I'm feeling awful that it's still sitting here. My emails don't seem to be getting to you.



Morag said...

Austin looks absolutely thrilled with his quilt; as do his little companions! AJ is very talented, as are you Joy!

Sandra said...

What a beautiful picture of Austy with his bears and quilt :-)

The Humming Cat said...

He looks so happy Joy!