Thursday, 29 November 2007

Little quilts and a birthday boy

I was going to wait until I received confirmation that this little quilt arrived at it's destination, but it was due to arrive a week ago and I haven't heard anything. If I don't blog it now I will never blog it, as the longer it takes the more I think it's not worth blogging... (I was nervy sending it because I was worried it wouldn't be liked). I am a bit down about the whole thing now and not sure I'll make for people I don't know again. I know it's not perfect but I thought it was at least worth a "Thanks".

But here it is, the "This Little Piggy" doll quilt, for a DIN05 girl who is now 2!! I went a bit freestyle on the borders - heaps more fun than straight lines!

Actually, she turned 2 last Sunday, the same day my own little prince hit that milestone. Here is the birthday boy in his birthday finery (a little shirt I made him for the occation) although he had a sore throat so wasn't a very cooperative model.

He did get spoilt though, lots of Thomas, junior mechano, clothes, and other toys. And here is my lame attempt at making a Thomas cake. I was unwell all week preceding his birthday and for half of this week too, so this is the best I could do. It tasted good though! A rich chocolate cake that we thought gave Austy a tummy upset, but on Monday the doctor told us that no, it's not the chocolate cake but a virus Austy had that did that. So we let him have a nice big piece that night! (All he got on his actual birthday was a nibble after we thought the taste test Saturday night caused the trouble.)

And Down Under Quilts have finally released the winners of the blankets of love challenge, so I think it's safe for me to share my finished quilt now. Nowhere near as good as the winners, but I am all inspired for next year now!

For some strange reason only some of my pics enlarge when you click them, and today it won't work. So if you want to see them bigger, go to my flickr account - link in my side bar.


Karen said...

Joy how you get so much done is beyond me!
That quilt is gorgeous - I can't believe how basic manners seem to escape some people, esepcially when the gift is as lovely as this and so much work has gone into it.

Emma said...

I love the quilt - it definitely deserves a big "Thankyou". I would be feeling a bit miffed, too. I hope you hear from her mum soon. You did a terrific job on the doll's quilt and the BOL.

Happy Birthday Austy!

Cass said...

Joy I think both quilts look great. I know I would have loved to receive that quit as a gift. Hope you get a big thank you soon

lolliegirl said...

Oh I think that quilt IS perfect! I love it!! The colours, the layout, the tiny buttons on the corners. You have done a lovely job (as you always do!). You always put so much love and effort into the things you make I cannot understand how ANYONE could not appreciate the things you do. I really hope that you continue to participate in swaps etc. I would feel very priviledged to have something made by you.

I love Austy's shirt too :)

Little Munchkins said...

You have been very busy lately!

I love, love the quilt. I can't understand how someone would not love it. I would have been estatic to recieve it.

Austy's shirt looks great too, and so does the cake.

Andrea said...

That quilt is just adorable Joy, I can't wait to have the time and patience to make something like that. How people cannot take the time to appreciate someone's efforts is beyond me.
You did a great job with Austy's cake, it looks great.

Sue said...

Oh I would love that quilt. Dont feel disheartened, you never know what happens at the other end, but I am sure that they will send a thank you. Happy Birthday to your son too, and I do hope he feels better soon too. The Thomas cake looks great.

Helen said...

Oh Joy, your BOL quilt is lovely, really lovely. Love the colours and pattern. Heard anything from the Little Piggy quilt owner? I'm sure they loved it, how could they not? But disheartening hey? xx

Austysmum said...

No still waiting... I give up!

Kellie said...

Joy, the quilt it is absolutely beautiful, how it could not have been well received is beyond me. I certainly would be miffed, as I am a little about a gift I sent to someone and am still waiting a 'thanks', it was only a store brought gift, certainly not the effort you have put into yours, but would have thought manners would prevail. Please don't think your efforts go un-noticed, as they certainly don't by me (the proud recipient of your handcrafts).

Love Kellie