Sunday, 2 December 2007

Funky shorts and a craft market visit

I decided that with two VERY big boxes sitting in our bedroom waiting for Christmas (a new sewing machine with quilting table and an embroidery machine), I had better prove I was worth it and get some sewing done. So I decided to stop "cheating" making plain elastic waist pants without waistbands for Austin, and make some fully fledged pants with waist pockets, waistband and a fly. The last time I did that was for my nephew's pageboy trousers for our wedding in 2004, but I don't think they had waist pockets from memory, just front darts/tucks.

He's 2 now right so I went right ahead and made size 3... well he is too big for size 2 tops so I figure the shorts he would grow into soon enough! But alas, they are HUGE. They only just hang onto his nappy to stay up (which we are almost out of as he's using his big boy toilet and was thrilled to get Thomas jocks for his birthday) and the length makes them almost like trousers. I was about to unpick them and tighten the elastic in the back of the waistband, but decided against it, because he'd probably need that much elastic in there by the time his legs are long enough. Perhaps I should add belt loops??

I love them anyway, and they are velcro rather than buttoned as I thought it would be easier for him to undo when he goes to the "little boys room" now that he's no longer a baby. I chose one of my favourite quilting cottons left over from his quilt to do the pockets and a little designer patch on a back pocket. Austy's Dad just said "Go on, just make another pair in size 2 - more practice right?" He loves them too and wants me to try out one of the other quilters cottons I have for the trimmings. Think I might add something more to the front on the next pair. And I want to make some Christmas shorts from the same pattern with some embelishments.

Then I decided to spoil myself with one of these:

A toiletry bag that I am using as a circular knitting needle case since my circular collection has been growing and they get tangled with all the straights in the big pencil case I was using. There were too many lovely prints to make the choice easy, at the craft fair I went to yesterday. A friend from mothers group makes them, as well as zippered bags in other sizes and handbags. She has certainlky been busy, and I hope the sales were good for her, despite the 37 degree first day of summer we had. Check out her other wares here - RikRak. I don't know how she does it, I struggle to find time just to sew the few things I make for Austy.

And I sent off a soft fat quarter package last week, with a little handcrafted pressie for the EB crafters Christmas FQ swap. I am tempted to show you all now, but I know it will spoil the surprise! So I will be good, but keep your eyes peeled for the 12th, our designated parcel opening day!

I have a new quilt I'm working on too, so will take some photos of that to show you next week.


Cass said...

Joy the shorts look great

Heki said...

Those shorts are super cute! I can't believe Austy is 2!!!
Have you considered buttonhole elastic? I used it in a friends maternity pants recently and she swears by it...that way as he grows so can his pants!

Little Munchkins said...

I love those shorts. They are funky indeed.

Marie said...

Those are so fabulous - I love everything about it. Great work (and inspiring too - I have never ever done a fly zipper before)

Corrie said...

thats what I need for my circulars!!!


Unknown said...

love love love the little shorts! They are too cute. Well done!

Andrea said...

Well done on the funky shorts Joy, they look great.

Melinda said...

Love the bag - good idea to use it for needles! I am off to check out your friend's site!