Wednesday, 5 December 2007

WIP WEDNESDAY: A bubby quilt

Well it looks like I have a thing for sailing boats and nautical stuff for newborn boys, first it was a pair of nautical newborn longies, then it was a nautical tank and now a nautical quilt! But seriously how could I resist the gorgeous Hamptons charm packs from the Fat Quarter Shop? (The pic is from reprodepot as the fat quarter shop isn't listing them anymore). I love tiny prints, and the colours, the fact that it's a nautical theme didn't bother me, but I love how it's very boyish - there aren't many tonal fabrics that don't have flowers or leaves on them these days. Plus I have a thing for starry things - love that starry fabric even though the colours stars and stripes make it look a bit American. And the Engineer in me absolutely adored the blueprint fabrics with technical yacht drawings on them - wow!

So here is a glimpse at what it's turning into:

And some gorgeous bright woolly mail I got this week from jollyjumbuck:

I have a couple of fabrics that arrived recently and woolly wips to show off, but will have to save them for another day as the sun is down and I forgot to take pics earlier. I have decided NOT to take pics of my work with a flash if I can help it.


Emma said...

Gorgeous boat! I noticed a charm pack of this range at 'your' quilt shop yesterday. I might have to get some (in case sailors BIL and SIL have a boy next!). And I love the colours of the wool, too. Can't wait to see some more photos.

Little Munchkins said...

I love the charm pack. I wish I could quilt like make the nicest quilts.

Helen said...

Ohhhh Joy, what a lovely charm pack! Very Ahoy There Me Matey's! LOL Love that wool too, almost tempts me to take up knitting.

Louise said...

My local Amitie just got all those fabrics in - it's such great boy's fabric! Love the wool - those colours are divine!!