Thursday, 20 December 2007

Knitting frenzy and shorts for Christmas

Wow - 2 weeks since my last post. You can tell it's the silly season. While I haven't done all the projects I had plans for in time for Christmas (might have to start them early next year so they do get done in time for next Christmas), it's great encouragement to see my long list of completed items for 2007 in my side bar. If I hadn't started this blog in January, I would never have known how many things I've finished. I am going to be a little sad when I wipe it clear for 2008 in a few weeks, but it's done it's job in keeping me motivated through the year, when often it feels like I'll never get anything finished, trying to fit me time in amongst Austy time, Austy's Dad time, study and work. I'm now back to 5 days a week as it's policy that once your child turns two you must be working a full time week :( which has made a huge difference to my craft time in the past three weeks.
Anyway, I did get a few knitty projects started, and a couple finished. Here's Austy helping me with one of them:

And the final outcome - an Everlasting Wondersoaker that has already been getting a workout with the warm nights we've been having lately. The photos were taken after a few washes so the wool has started to felt already. Unfortunately it's very easily felted, even with the most gentle handwashing. However it is a little big so it can handle it and it will just become more leakproof like the capris I made with the same wool (which are now heavily felted shorties just through normal use and gentle hand washing). I dyed the wool with landscape dyes from the muted primaries kit.

Another soaker on the go, a Curly Purly one this time, from the gorgeous Jolly Jumbuck wool I showed you last post. It didn't use nearly as much wool as I thought so now the leftover splish splash will become a newborn CP soaker or at least the cuffs of something else. There's almost 50gms left over!

How's this for instant gratification? I love making booties - not only are they super cute but you can whip them up in an evening or two. These were made with an antique patons pattern I had, with some bambino merino (lovely soft 100% 4ply wool) that I dyed with jelly to get the lemon lime twist effect. The idea was that lemon booties are a part of an old wives tale to help fertility, but I added a bit of green both for more interest and some luck as these booties went to AJ along with the FQ Christmas swap, who's had a tough year or two trying to start her family and a few IVF attempts recently. Hopefully these little booties will be the fertility/luck charm she needs to have a VERY happy new year!!!

On to the sewing: Last night I turned WIP Wednesday into an "I must sew until I'm finished Wednesday". With a half day at work for end of year celebrations the boys forgot to invite me to until the last minute (but I had to refuse as it was too late to organise care for Austin) I managed to get home just in time for his nap. He was the perfect angel and slept for 3 hrs giving me time to tidy up a bit and get started on this little Christmas project for him. Of course when he went to bed later in the evening I had to get straight back to the machine. Here are the little shorts he'll be wearing on Chistmas day:

I used the same pattern as for the stripey denim police car shorts I made recently, but added a little cargo pocket that I made up, based loosely on a pair of Osh Kosh shorts of his that I love. I would have copied the OK pocket but they were neatly folded in his drawer and I didn't want to wake him. So I attempted it from memory, and think it works well to add some interest to the lower part of the shorts. I made them shorter too as they were almost long pants on him last time.

I also have some fabric to show off:

And here's what I got spoilt with for the EB Christmas Fat Quarter Swap (and of course, I had to go and buy a matching FQ - the swirly one on the left). These were going to be used for our Christmas stockings but I doubt I will have time to make them before Christmas now. Not to worry, there's a whole 12m till next Christmas, so hopefully we will have three new Christmas stockings to hang on the mantle at our NEW house! The little window print would also make a fantastic event calendar. Thanks again Natalie!
Hang on a minute, did I say NEW house?! Really?!!! I DID!!! More news to come on that when I have some more photo uploading prowress...

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Kylie said...

Joy - you have been busy in the silly season. Love the shorts - they look great!