Thursday, 27 December 2007

Looking for Santa

Looking for Santa, originally uploaded by austysmum.

I know it's not craft related but I'm not too sure that anyone reads Austy's own blog so I thought I'd post his pic here. I took this today so he's actually not looking for santa, but cross at me for not letting him sit in the boat while his Dad tried to start it... I am mean! But I told him he could go in the boat IF he had a sleep, which he refused yet again and after the third attempt to get him down we gave up and the boat got taken out the front without the boy. So he just looked from the window sadly... aww .. how can I resist smothering this gorgeous boy in kisses every day?!

He cheered up when I let him come in the bathroom and help me clear out cupboards and drawers, although the boat would have been much more fun. Hopefully we can get it fixed so we can head up the river next week and let Austy have his first ride and a little play on the kneeboards (not attached to the boat of course!).


Helen said...

Lovely shot Joy, what a sweetie! :)

Cascade Lily said...

Awww...don't worry, I have to be 'mean mummy' sometimes too! And Rom didn't have a daysleep twice this week. It was the excitement of Christmas. she's back on track now thankfully! Hope Austy is too.

And your new house looks LOVELY!!!

Kylie said...

What a gorgeous shot of Austy! He really does look sad and as though he is looking out of the window - I love how you capture him in action!

Love the oven mits in the previous post too - they look great (and I LOVE the fabric!)