Friday, 21 December 2007

We're FINALLY moving!!!

Yes, that's right after 3 yrs of serious searching we finally bought a house. I almost can't believe it myself, but Christmas means an end to my crafting for a while and some serious decluttering, packing and cleaning (windows - yeuch!). Maybe I'll get a little bit of crafting in... a girl's got to unwind somehow, but with my two weeks off work I will be going through the inside of this place we live in now with a fine tooth comb to make it sparkle when we put it on the market late January.

Then in March, we will be living in this little wonder - the house isn't perfect, but OH! The SPACE!!! No more wading through Austy's toys to put dinner on the table. Room for Austy to play so he doesn't get difficult when it's raining out. And when it's not raining I think he'll find plenty of room to run on 1276sqm!

And I did mention that I need something crafty to work on while I unwind, didn't I. Here's my first attempt at knitting lace weight, using the Live2Knit 2ply 50% silk/50% merino. Pure luxury! A big change from chunky soaker knitting and a lot slower. I won't tell you what it is yet, and you'll probably only get tiny snippets of reveals along the way because I'm not sure if I'm allowed to tell yet. But keep your eyes peeled.

Oh, and I really should mention - I got THOROUGHLY spoilt by my EB November Mum's Secret Santa! She sent me a Fat Quarter Shop voucher to feed my new quilting habit. So I will have lots of fun picking out and then sewing up my gift (on my new sewing machine I begged the real Santa for!)


Cass said...

Joy the new house looks fantastic.

Emma said...

The house is beautiful - alsmost as gorgeous as that lace you're knitting!

Heki said...

Congrats on the new house...I know what that means;)!
That lace looks GORGEROUS, love the colours.
We should catch up again oneday!

ingrid said...

Oh wow, the new house looks beautiful! Lucky you.

Corrie said...

oh wow the new house looks beautiful...I hope this means you can try for number 2 adorable is austy in that santa photo

sorry I missed this news during my own moving