Friday, 7 November 2008

EB Sewing Buddies - Secret Santa Swap

Just as one swap ends, another one starts! Hopefully I can manage to stitch something for this one, otherwise I will send some scrummy sewing supplies and fabric instead.

My answers:

Would you like something handmade as a gift?
I don't mind if it's handmade or bought, more fabric never goes astray if my swappee doesn't have alot of time. It would be nice to get something handmade, but I would be equally happy with quilting fabric or luscious minkee or velour nappy cuts for my nappy sewing addiction, or funky modern patterns.

Do you have a favourite Christmas Colour?
I love bright Christmas fabrics, but also like traditional things as well. I have varied tastes, but of course turquiose/aqua is my favourite colour year round.

Do you decorate the whole house or just a part of it?
Just the family room, but this year is our first in teh new house so not really sure yet. The tree will go in the formal lounge if we can get it organised in time - it currently is a bit of a junk room (woops)

Do you have any Christmas Traditions?
Not really. We are just starting our own now that Austy is getting older. He has a photo santa sack I made him when he was 1, with a photo of his first Christmas on the front and I will do the same for bubs.

What sizes are your children?
So far I only have Austy and he's a size 4 top (long body) and size 3 pants, bub is due in time for Christmas so 000 I guess (Austy was over 9lb/4kg so I am expecting this one won't be tiny but so far is looking to be smaller than he was).

Do you like quick projects or things that take a little longer?
Definitely quick projects - I rarely get long sewing sessions these days

Is there anything that you like to collect?
Not really... unless fabric counts!!

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