Saturday, 17 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 16: Drama Queen!

Okay, so technically I'm late for today's post since it's past midnight. But I haven't gone to bed yet, so in my rules it's still Friday night ;)

It's way past my bedtime so I'll keep it short. Had a fun day today catching up with my quilty friend Emma, and meeting another quilter Adds, who I've chatted to online for a few years now. The kids went crazy (as they do), bothe were exhausted and ended up going to bed later than usual as I was a bit behind schedule with getting the dinner, bath, bed thing done and the littlest one fell asleep in the car on the way home from getting take away so decided to be wide eyed at 9pm wanting to play.

I was determined to get something crafty done, silly I know, when I have to keep going in and resettling her several times at the moment with "sleep training". It's still wet, but I'm calling it a night, so I give you my latest wool dyeing effort, "Drama Queen". I was going to call it Precious Princess (our nickname for Madelyn, just as Austy was always our "Precious Prince" as a babe), but that pink... wow. I had second thoughts once I saw how vibrant it came out on the BWM 10ply (it's the same pink I used on these shorties but took so differently!) I wished for a moment I'd used the purple I had originally planned to use, but at least this way people will know my baby is a girl when they see this knitted into a pram blanket and draped over her. So, since the pink kind of yelled out and made a fuss, Drama Queen it is!

Shades of pale celery, pale pink, turquoise, deep pink and a touch of cream (and a few lavender bits where the colours blended). The colours should be a bit lighter and prettier when it dries tomorrow and I'll give you another looksie with a daylight photo or two.

Time for bed while all is quiet in the house... for now!


Kate said...

LOve the colours of Drama Queen. What kind of dyes do you use?

Austy's Mum said...

Thanks! I use Gaywool dyes.

lily40au said...

I like the colours too ... it's really similar to something I picked up the other day to use to make a pair of socks.