Friday, 2 October 2009

Blogtoberfest? Should I? Could I?

Now we all know how I have never managed a blog a day for a whole week, so could I manage a whole month? Really? Probably not, but what the hey, I'll give it a shot.

It's my last full month of maternity leave (sob) so probably the only chance I'll get. Hopefully I'll pull out some WIPs (we all know I have a few!) and show you on the dull days, and maybe even reinspire myself to finish them. You know how something just doesn't work out exactly as you'd planned, you toss it in the cupboard never to be seen again, then one day you happen across it and think, "Hey, what is wrong with this?" and actually finish it off. Okay, one can dream...

Hopefully I'll have something crafty to talk about each day and don't get caught up in the "must blog" hype and bore you all with mindless drivell. I'll try to offer a photo a day, and maybe this giveaway I've been promising for months, might actually eventuate!

To join in the fun, find out who else is in, or find out more, you can read about Blogtoberfest here
I'm off to a slow start, having missed the first day, but as TinnieGirl says wagging is allowed (just not preferred!). I look forward to finding inspiration where I never thought possible and "meeting" new friends along the way. Welcome to the festival!

Today's crafty task is to cut the loose buttons off this cotton cardy I made for Austin and restitch them as it's now a perfect fit for Madelyn (got to love pistachio green for it's unisex style!). This cardy has a little story - I was making a striped hat and jacket for Austin from the cotton in the final weeks of my pregnancy. I didn't get too far but took it into the hospital to keep me busy in the evenings once visiting hours were over. Well, any mum would know that when those visiting hours have ended all you want to do is SLEEP! So I think I only managed a couple more rows and then Austin grew out of it before I could finish. So at 4m old, I decided he needed me to make another one, I bought a new pattern (this one is by Sirdar) and started again (and actually FINISHED!) It was my first finished project as a new mum as he didn't really sleep much during the day and I was still getting used to things.

The hat didn't happen and I still had plenty of cotton left over. Then when I had a week before my induction date with Madelyn I decided to make some booties and a hat with it. Again, I took it to hospital with me to do while I waited for labour to start. But I also had a quilt that needed binding and that got preferential treatment. The hat got almost finished, and one bootie was made but that's where it ended. If only I had left the hat half finished from having Austy and I would probably have had a stripey newborn hat for one of my babies! Oh well, they both get to wear this cute soft cardigan which is now the perfect weight for spring and just goes to show that Madelyn IS smaller than Austin was (even though she is still a giant baby and bigger than most 12-14m olds I know!) as he had grown out of it by 10m and it's still a little roomy for her. It's a gorgeous shade of green and looks great on her, a nice change from pink. However I might have to team it with pink pants or something to avoid those "he's such a cute little boy" comments. I never had anyone assume Austy was a girl, so I feel a bit odd when pewople think my pretty princess is a boy, hence my need to put her in one of my least favourite colours all the time.


Liam's Mummy said...

Oh Joy, only a month left of your maternity leave? Savour it, it will go way too fast! I reckon I could just about fill October by blogging once a day covering WIPs, so that sounds like a good plan!

sue said...

How beautiful is the stripey cardigan. Yes I too used to get asked about Isabelle being a boy/girl if she wasnt in pink, although one lady did ask and she was in pink! She didnt have much hair so I used to put little bandanas and headbands with flowers on it to avoid the questions. Her hair didnt grow much until she turned 2 years old either. Maddy looks too gorgeous to be called a boy though and you could still make her a stripey hat for those cold mornings.