Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 13: Sew, sew inspired!

If you haven't ever stoped by MadeByRae's blog, and you love sewing, I have to say, stop hesitating... it's only a click away!

Remember this backpack? The one I lusted after and crissed and crossed my fingers to win it for Austy who starts pre-entry kindy, just a week away? Well unfortunately I can't win everything I dare to enter and I am already lucky enough to win those gorgeous sewing tapes this week (got to share the handmade love around!). However, I feel like I've had a win of sorts by finding her blog in the first place. I now have my hot little hands on the pattern, and with another rainy day here, what is a girl to do but internet shopping?! So an order over at Kelani later for some cute, durable and dirt hiding boy fabric, (and of course some others while I was there!), and an order over at Nicole Mallalieu's bag supply store for some webbed strap and buckles to make Austy's bag look professionally done, I think I'd better let the credit card recover!

Postie, you will now be officially STALKED so I can get started on the cutest little backpack in the world! In the mean time I shall be drooling here.

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Miss Rosie said...

I love that backpack. I hope to make it one day.