Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 21: Off the desk

It was about time I got this lonely nappy off the sewing desk. I normally do them in batches of 3-5 but somehow this one was all cut out and embroidered but sat there until last night, waiting for me to get some motivation to make it. It's hard to see in these awful photos (note to self: it is not a good time to take photos of babies who like to dance, when playschool is on!) but the embroidery says "Princess in Training" - oh so Madelyn!
Aqua blue minky outer with pink metallic quilters cotton tabs for the velcro opening and fully lined with very soft white microfleece. I was going to go with deep purple velour for the inner, but thought that was a bit too "girly overload". The white is just fine.

And at a more still moment, here she is in her Alicia dress and pants set. Sorry the photo is no better...

I was actually impressed with the fit - having made this a size 74cm, and tried it on when I made it (sans buttons) I was sure she was an 80. But this is perfect, much nicer fit for now than the Oilily dress I did in the 80. Glad we have finally got some warm weather to make use of it.
Now the desk is clear (almost - one DQS to finish) for Austy's bag.


Miss Amy said...

Love this nappy...very sweet! :D fits princess maddy to a tee! :D

Miss Rosie said...

What a cute nappy and bubba. You are so good. I cut out 20 nappies a time and complete 5 or so at a time. When I am sewing nappies my dining table looks like a sweat shop.

Kylie said...

Cute nappy - Love it. And the little set is sweet - I always love your colour choices.