Monday, 12 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 12: Rainy Monday

After three hours trying to get the littlest one to go to sleep without having to be attached to me (in practise for my return to work in the not too distant future), I gave up and let her taste some watermellon for teh first time. She seemed to like it!

Then, to keep the bigger one happy despite being penned indoors, we counted, sorted, stacked and played "Woosh!" with these blocks - part of a Jenga style game I bought pre-mummy time for when the nephews came to stay.

Then they became a zoo...

Don't you love versitile toys?
Having played with Austy for a bit I decided it was time the little Miss DID have a nap, and got a bit more forceful with the issue, rocking her for half an hour and then she finally dozed off. I took the time to vaccuum and mop but also had to stop a few times to sing "Happy Birthday", blow up balloons and pretend to bake a cake - apparently it was his toy Montgomery Monkey's birthday.
After all that I thought I'd sit down for a moment and perhaps cast on for this (in the hope of sunnier spring days to come):

But I got distracted and had to take photos of Austy's knitting attempts. Got to start them early you see!

ETA: Thanks Emma for fixing my photo issues!! From now on ALL my photos will be enlargeable at the click of a mouse. I have changed my order of doing things - upload photos, THEN write the blog post in between the pics. It saves all those annoying line deletions and doesn't stuff up my photos. Amazing! Why didn't I think of that before?!


Emma said...

I'm glad I could help. I only stumbled on the solution by accident. I love the photos in this post!

Kylie said...

What a great tip - thanks Emma and Joy:) I get so annoyed at deleating all of the time.

Great pics of the kids - love Austy's knitting attempts - Amelia found a knitting nancy at an opshop the other day and I am going to start her on that today:)

Jackie said...

Don't you just love a young knitter?!

sue said...

Your children are so cute. Love the one of Austy knitting away. The little sweater you are making looks very pretty. I love the color your going to knit yours in too. It will be perfect in the warmer months. My daughter absolutely loves watermelon too but wont touch rockmelon. My son is the opposite and doesnt really like watermelon. I hope your transition back to work goes smoothly too.