Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 6: Dyeing for hot cocoa!

I decided to use up some leftover yarn. It wasn't the right colour. So I changed it. Keep an eye out for more news on hot cocoa in blogtoberfest posts to come.
Edited for Susuan:
I use Gaywool Dyes, and a couple of Landape dyes I bought ages ago in a sample pack. This method shown here is the kettle dyeing method, which I use for semisolids only as I have a fear of ugly colours forming when they mix (or perhaps I need more practice :P). This is a fairly easy method, you boil up the wool from cold, turn it down to a simmer and pour on some dye solution in random spots. Don't stir it unless you want even colour. And don't turn it for abou 10 mins as the dye will mostly take in the first 5 mins. Simmer gently for half an hour, rinse, wash, dry and reskein. Enjoy!


Brissmiths said...

Looks yummy! I so love dyed wool. Is it hard to do? I see you have a pot on the boil what sort of dye do you use? C'mon spill I'd love to share some hot cocoa. Susan :)

Kylie said...

Looks good - looking forward to seeing what it will become.

Karin said...

It looks like a lovely coffee/cocoa colour - can't wait to see it dried.

marshmellowmagic said...

Oh pooh I had been stiring mine, haha that will be because I am impatient! I like kettle dying, :-)