Sunday, 11 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 11: Sunday Sickie

That's right - I'm chucking a sickie today...

No, I don't have a sick note from my doctor or my mum, but I'm nursing two sick kids and a head cold myself. While I did think of being the life of the festival and blog hopping a bit to share some inspirational snippets from othe festival goers, I simply can't be bothered today. Sorry people. I am too snuffly and tired to do the clicking.

But I am happy to announce I am already a blogtoiberfest winner, thanks to a fantastic giveaway over at Sweet Tidings. So in the true spirit of things, I will finally make a decision on what I will give away on my blog, and you will be able to enter next Thursday, Blogtoberfest 15. Details will be posted then.

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Jo's Place said...

Yay for winning something, hope your feeling better soon :)