Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Blogtobefest Day 7: Get your scraps out!

After deciding to use up some scrap wool last night, I finally made a start on my EBDQS3! Horaaaahhh! A month of the making time has already vanished into whatever black hole the rest of the year went down, so it was about time I made a start. I knew I wanted to try a bit of a scrappy style as I haven't done that before and a doll quilt is the perfect size to try something new. Those that know me, know I like to plan and control... well... everything, so scrapiness is a little weird for me but I'm enjoying it so far.

Plus, with the minute amount of sleep I've been getting lately (thanks to an adorable but sleepless little girl) scrapiness is probably about the only thing I can handle right now. We think there are more teeth on the way (yes, I KNOW!!! She already has 8 and she is only 9 months old, it's CRAZY!) and these are the worst ever as she is even off her food. Don't worry, she certainly won't fade away to a shadow - the amount of milk she is demanding from me will make sure of it, I just hope I can keep my sanity in the meantime. Last night I had both of them screaming, tring to outdo each other, and it took me ages to have both of them asleep, running backwards and forwards between the two of them, and even that was short lived as the littlest one was awake four mour times before I eventually got the courage to go to bed myself (knowing I'd be woken again as oon as I found that elusive dreamy land).

Anyway enough of my overtired drivel, I have no idea where this little quilt is heading. I sketched up three different plans and kept changing my mind, so hopefully if I pack it up for the night it will have some new directions for me tomorrow. I think all I can manage tonight is to curl up on the couch with one of our fluffy visitors and knit away on my trial baby blanket - Mochalicious Zest, using up those wool left overs I spoke of last night. A friend has a boy on the way so if it turns out okay, he will have it as part of his welcome to the world gift. If not, my next baby (the four legged variety - due to move in just after my birthday) will get it for his basket.


Leah said...

Oh Joy, it's looking GREAT! Love the blanket too :) and am oh so envious of your soon-to-be-joining-you furry friend.

sue said...

The quilt looks so nice. I love the mocha wool, very nice. I am sure it will make a lovely blanket. My daughter had teeth at 5 months and got nearly all of hers before she turned 1! Suffice to say she lost all her baby teeth before she turned 8.

Ariane said...

Your quilt top is looking great so far. Such wonderful colors and I love the mushroom. So cute!!!

Car said...

Love your DQ... the mushroom is so cute!

I'm with you wondering where that whole month of sewing got to - eek!