Saturday, 19 September 2009

Decisions, decisions

Okay, here's Maddy's quilt again, this time using the carpet as sashing. Hmmm... I think that perhaps those of you who made comments were right - better stick with the original pattern without the sashing.

Now to make it cot size, I have made an extra row of blocks (making it 4 x 5 blocks) and now need an extra 10 inches all round. So I thought instead of doing the binding straight against the pieced border as per the pattern, I was thinking about perhaps adding an extra 5" border of the cream (it's a silky soft kona solid...mmmmmmm.....). This will make the pieced border kind of float, and then I'll need to be creative or corageous with the quilting in order to make it snazzy.

Then, for the binding, I might just pick one of the dark chocholate fabrics, or even use just the darks (reds and browns) to do a scrappy binding. I do like the brown with red spots piured, but that depends on whether I can get more as that piece is just a fat quarter I bought for my squares.

And onto baby sewing, I have wand to make this dress for Madelyn for a while, but haven't gotten around to it. I have been holding onto the floral micro cord especially for it.

Now to team it with pink?

Or blue?


Emma said...

Yes, it definitely loses something if you add the sashing, but I do like your border solution. And I'd choose the blue to go with the floral cord.

Sereknitty said...

Oh yes, the blue definitely! That is going to be so cute :)

I'm starting to get the quilting bug, but I need to suppress it while I whittle down my yarn stash to reasonable size.

Cascade Lily said...

No sashing for sure. It's going to be a very gorgeous quilt.

I think blue microcord. Too much pink can be a bit 'you know'. Plus, it's a dress - people can tell she's a girl! Which Ottobre is that pattern from?

AJ said...

Looking Good Joy!!

becanne said...

blue for me too.

And it looks much better without the sashing. Can't wait to see it with the border on as well.