Thursday, 17 September 2009

WIP Wednesday... on Thurdsday

Okay, okay, so I would never be able to keep up with a weekly blog post, but hey, let's pretend that I am a regular WIP Wednesday-er!

Tonight I am fiddling with some fabric suares I cut for Maddy's quilt, creating more blocks and testing them out together. I decided to take a photo to get an overall look of how they will look together and trying to decide if I should put sashing between them to make it less busy. The pattern has no sashing, but that doesn't matter. Last time I looked at them I thought they looked a bit cluttered, however tonight I think it's okay. Undecided. I shall keep making blocks and see how I feel when it gets to the point of joining them all together. What do you think? Sashing? Or not?

Excuse the dodgy flash photography and thread bits! Austy was running off with my blocks when I tried to take the photo in daylight...

The blocks look wonky, but I swear it's just the way they are laid out on the carpet. I have just randomly placed them too, but we all know I am fussy about placement and will probably take a few hours arranging and rearranging them before I number them all and put them together once I have enough for a quilt.

And while I am here, I thought I should mention two great giveaways that are on this week. The generous Corrie is at it again here, with her fabulous patterns and AuntyC is giving away some fabulous bibs - some that I had promised myself I'd make when I had another bub, but she's now almost 9 months old and I haven't made a single one! Woops. And I still haven't gotten around to making something to give aay on my own blog... please bear with me it WILL happen eventually!


Emma said...

I actually think it looks great as it is, but given your carpet is in matching tones (even though it's probably a little darker than the sashing you'd use) I'd try laying it out with the blocks about 1.5in apart to see what it'd look like with the carpet as sashing.

becanne said...

I love the way the centre squares seem to 'pop' out of the design. It almost looks like they are floating on top.
I'd like to see it like Emma suggests but I also really like it the way it is.

Anna - said...

I like the way it is too. I don't think it looks to busy and guess it will depend on what sort of border you might add around the edge at the end? Very pretty fabrics too : )

Jackie said...

I actually like your placement of the blocks!

I'm not sure if I'd like sashing. It's very geometric now and the color and pattern seem to go so well together.

Liam's Mummy said...

I agree with everyone else, definitely the way that it is. I think it would actually lose something by adding sashing.