Friday, 30 March 2007

Sneak peak

Hmm... is there an ISE4er who likes these colours? This might be your scarf in the making...
A few firsts for me:
1. First knitted garment with one of my hand dyed yarns
2. First time using something with alpaca in it
3. First time knitting with a 12ply/heavy worsted yarn
4. First time doing cables (other than a mock cable that I did a nephews jumper with)
5. First exchange garment
6. First International Scarf Exchange
and a second: my second knitted scarf.
The yarn is Pear Tree Merino (with alpaca) 12ply from purl yarns, and dyed by me.


Margaret said...

Oh My~~ I would love to have the yarn to knit one of the shawls on my to knit list!!
Love the colours!!

Corrie said...

I love alpaca and love the colours! good work! it looks gorgeous knitted!!!! maybe its time i started doing some dying of my own!
love it and I know your swapee will


Kylie said...

What a wonderful colour combination. YOu must have had rainbow hands when you finished this.

Cant wait to see it finished. And wow - that is alot of firsts in one project

Austysmum said...

Ha ha - Kylie, I had a serious case of green fingers... and no green thumbs! I should have used gloves like I read in the instructions. But I do things my own way.

Becky-Dee said...

Wow.....Those colours look beautiful and the cable just works perfectly!

Leah said...

The wool looks great, but the scarf looks fabulous!!!

Judy said...

That is beautiful! What pattern are you using? Thanks for sharing.

Austysmum said...

judy, I am not using a pattern as such, just made it up myself using the cable pattern from "the harmony guide to knitting stitches". I am thinking I might add a lace edge from the same book in the mauve colour.

Judy said...

Could you possibly write up the pattern? It is just the best!