Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Playing with colour

My woolymail still hasn't arrived to start work on my ISE4 scarf, so tonight I decided to give hand dyeing some more practise.

I have thought of the perfect project for that little ball I dyed with jelly a few weeks ago, and had two matching cream balls in the cupboard that were just asking to be dyed to match it.

While I won't reveal what my plans are just yet (just in case the giftee pops her head in here), I can tell you it requires a contrasting variant and a solid. So I tried to match the blue with another packet of jelly, and also dyed a third of the second skein with it. This time the water went absolutely clear like I never believed it would, and the yarn is a bit lighter than it came out the first time (probably because I was dyeing more wool), but that's fine as it will still work well with the first ball. Then, with the remainder of the second skein I got to business blending jelly and food colour, and came out with a gorgeous teal green. It looked more blue in the jelly water (just divine!), but came out more of a green on the yarn, so there is a lesson for me. I still like it though and just have to remember to try and keep an open mind when dyeing - I can try to make it the colour I want, but in the end I just have to be happy with what comes out of the pot, and really that is half of the fun of it. It's like a surprise!

I'm still itching to try real dyes so will be arriving home with baited breath again tomorrow night. The yarn I dye with those will be turned into my secret pal's scarf for ISE4. I bought the colours I want to use rather than just buying primaries and mixing myself. They won't be as versitile, but less risky until I gain some more confidence. I like the same colours so will be happy to use them again on a project for me or Austy.

My scarf pattern has been developed, taking an existing pattern and swapping the lace pannel for a cable pattern I liked and adding a few extra stitches. I'm really happy with how it looks (tested with the remainder of Austy's capri pants wool) and am looking forward to starting it with my very own hand dyed wool.

Austy's pants are almost done (just have to graft the gusset, darn all my ends and add the elastic) and the good news is, I tried them on and they fitted him nicely, despite my gauge dilemma. Looks like making them two sizes too big and length to fit was a good idea. Pictures to come soon! I'll wait till my new vibrant baby wool is all balled up and post them all at once.

Now I really need to get myself to bed before I crash. Austy hasn't been well, he has had a nasty virus since last week, and this morning woke up at 4am wanting nothing but Mummy-milk. I gave in since he is sick, and hasn't been eating or drinking much other than water (he normally just gets Mummy-milk at bed time and we are weaning him off it as I have pretty much lost my supply since going back to work full time.) Then, my head hit the pillow at 4:45 only for my alarm to go off an hour later for work, and I swear I got no sleep in that hour, not for lack of trying...

Just before I go to bed... look what I found: This knitter is amazing with plenty of free patterns to boot!

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