Thursday, 15 March 2007

Bunny Bum!

Here is a preview of what my boy will have on his bum tomorrow night!

My pattern (basic pattern, add stripes and embroidery as you choose)

SIZE: XL – made to fit my tall 15m old who is 13kgs. Will fit him for a long while yet so I’d say 12kgs to toilet training.

8ply treliske organic wool – 2 x 50g balls - Try Ecoyarns, that's were this lucious stuff came from. I have used on e ball cream and one ball silver.
4mm needles

Back Waistband
Cast on 37sts.
1st row rib: k3 *p1 k2* to last stitch, k1
2nd row rib: k1 *p2 k1* to end
Work 1st and 2nd rows 5 more times then 1st row once more (13 rows rib in total)
Maintaining rib pattern, increase 12 sts evenly across row (approximately every 3rd st). 49sts
Next row: K2, m1, k3, m1, k to last 7 sts, m1, k3, m1, k2. 53 sts

Starting with a purl row work in stocking st until work measures 17cm from start of st st. End with a purl row. (Remember to knit first and last st of every row for selvage).
Start of rib pattern:
K8, *p2, k3* to last 5 sts, k5
K1, p7 *k2, p3* to last 5 sts, p4, k1

Repeat both rows once more then begin leg shaping, continuing with rib pattern as set.

Cast of 5 sts at the start of next two rows (43sts)
Next row:k2, k2 tog, pattern to last 4 sts, k2 tog, k2
Next row: Pattern to end.
Repeat last two rows 5 times.(31 sts)
Next row: k3, k2 tog, pattern to last 5sts, k2tog, k3
Next row: Pattern to end.
Repeat last two rows 2 times.(23 sts)

Continue in pattern until work measures 22cm from start of st st, ending with a WS row.

**Next row: K2, m1 pattern to last 3sts, m1, k2
Next row: Pattern to end**
Repeat last two rows once more (27sts)

Continue in pattern for 4 rows

Repeat from ** to ** 3 times
Cast on 7 sts at start of next two rows (47sts)

Work four more rows in pattern, then switch to plain st st for the rest of the front.

Work until length matches back (between leg shaping and waist band ending with a knit row.
Decrease purlwise ten times, evenly across row (approx every 4th sts) – 37sts
Complete waistband to match back

Leg bands:
Pick up and knit 62sts around legs and work in double rib for 10 rows. Cast off loosely in rib.

Make Up:
Using back stitch (or preferred seam stitch) stich side seams.
Thread 3 rounds of shirring elastic though waist band to fit child’s waist (and leg bands if desired). Elastic avoids the need for a drawstring and helps the wool keep some elasticity in the bands. While organic merino is wonderful for softness, wool allergies and comfort overnight any 100% merino will lose it’s shape a little over time so the shirring elastic helps the soaker keep it’s shape and stay put.

*please note - this pattern has not been heavily tested, I just used it once to make the soaker pictured above.


Becky-Dee said...

AWwwwwww! how cute! I love the little bunnies and the bows!

Kylie said...

Oh Joy that is so cute - I might have to get you to send me a pattern to knit some longies for Amelia - I have never done nappy covers before - but the more I see the more I am excited by there cuteness

Corrie said...

ohhhhh where is the pattern from??????? I love it!

Heki said...

They look gorgeous! I may have to trouble you for the pattern myself!!! Maybe a bit of a swap...knitting bag for soakers???

Austysmum said...

The pattern is my own, a nice large roomy one as I was sick of making soakers that were too small, or too tight around the legs causing red marks where the stitches were picked up for the ribbing.

This soaker actually is a little bit big in the legs, so I am thinking of adding a bit of shirring elastic through the leg bands like I threaded through the waist (drawstrings are a pain on a wriggly toddler!). Although the legs don't really need to be tight. It's probably more comfy this way and since he doesn't wear clothes over the top (it is a night soaker that he wears with a t-shirt or long sleeved t-shirt under his grobag) trimness isn't really a factor for me.

As soon as I find where I stored the pattern on the pc (I wrote it out on the pc and printed for use) I will post the basic pattern here. The bunnies were embroidered using a chart from an antique pattern book (thanks Nanna!). I'm going to change the bows for ribbon though as they have felted already.

B said...

That has to be one of the cutest soakers I have ever seen!