Sunday, 4 March 2007

Back from a wonderful escape

After a busy weekend last weekend with my friend's wedding on Saturday and then the Parade food and wine fair on Sunday, we flew to the Goldcoast for a much needed family break. The weather was perfect despite forecasts for rain that never eventuated, and we had a great time exploring dreamworld, seaworld and wet'n'wild with our little man Austy. Over te five days we were there, Austin just seemed to grow up so much before our very eyes. He started saying so many new words, like "copta" (helicopter), "merry" (go-round) and "cute" and also really took off with his walking. He was very excited to go on the plane and loved the beach as we hardly take him when we are home.

Monkey socks (knitty) - my first ever adult sock!

While we were away I got stuck into my sock knitting as we were stuck in the apartment (with foxtel luckily) for each evening while Austy slept and ocasionally while Austy had a morning nap (most of the time we let him nap in the pram but he came down with a cold so we stayed back for morning naps after that.) I am enjoying the lace pattern and while the first few rounds gave me a sore forehead (frowning with concentration!) it's easy now. I wasn't sure about the colour at first but it's growing on me.

A closeup of the lace pattern - colour is a little off - somewhere between the two photos.

I took Austy's bunny soaker with me to finish it off too but forgot my bunny graphs so that just came along for the ride with no progress. I could have stitched up the side seams and made the leg bands but thought it would be easier to embroider flat so it's still sitting there as the socks are more fun than knitting embroidery.

Back to my hectic life tomorrow with my work week commencing again, but I am halfway through my study for this semester so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and more time for my craft (I also sew and scrapbook). Our next trip away will be to the snow in July so I have been planning to make some snuggly warm things for my little man and the son of the couple we are travelling with (to share babysitting duties so we can all get to ski). I have decided that Austy NEEDS a chocolate brown chunky knit jumper to go with his brown eyes so am thinking I might splurge on some DB Cashmerino! Always wanted to try that stuff.

Must run now as Austy wants only me and is crying in the lounge room while my hubby is sitting on the couch telling him to stop...


Becky-Dee said...

Wow! I love your socks! Looks like a great pattern and i love the yarn you are using. I have always wanted to try bone knitting needles. Where did you buy those?

Austysmum said...

Thanks becky-dee. They were at my local knitting shop (the real life one in my right hand links column). They only seem to stock good quality products unlike another knitting shop that is a bit closer to me. I had never seen bone before so was intreged when I saw them on the shelves.

The sock pattern is so easy - even a beginner sock maker like me could manage them! I would definitely recommend them.