Tuesday, 3 April 2007

A not so creative post title...

I have had a long slow day at work today running a virtual build for the VE wagon, and came home just wanting to relax on the couch and knit. So after all the hectic dinner, tidy-up, boy to bed schedule, I cosied up in my pyjamas and commenced needle twirling. Nothing so exciting, just straight boring knitting stocking stitch and completed the back of Austy's star jumper. It's suddenly getting cooler here now though, so I'm not sure that it's going to be any good by the time I am finished, but it is quite large so should still fit by Spring.

So I have lost a bit of motivation and REALLY want to start his chunky knit, but because I have limited myself to 3 projects on the needles at a time (since last year I only actually com pleted 3 garments all year!) and because I still can't decide on the pattern (I think he just needs a jumper so he can still wear his cute brown Russian hat, but I really want to knit one of those super cute cabled hoodies!). I was zooming along on the scarf but am having doubts about the colours, wondering if my secret scarf pal actually likes lighter shades, as I picked her as a dark vibrant shade kind of girl, and the wool just didn't come out as I expected (the 4ply baby wool I used to tie the skein were EXACTLY what I was hoping for... just goes to show how different yarns take to dyeing). And then there's the sock, as easy as it is, for some reason when I knit it I end up with a sore forehead and a permanant frown - it's not that hard but somehow the frownlines think it is. So I'm not even going to attempt that while tired.

Okay, I think I need to get my act together and cats on for the second half of the scarf as I really like knitting that, if I turn a blind eye to the colours. Are they really that bad? Maybe it's just becasue I had envisioned something with more depth of colour and am still disspointed about what came out of the dye pot. Argh!

Time to go to bed, another early start tomorrow staring at the computer and all the vibrant colours of the 3d vehicle model... no wonder my brain hurts! Think of looking at a patchwork car where all the parts are either a vibrant blue, magenta, orange, yellow, aqua, green or purple. Then spin it around, flip it over, and cross section it to bits until you feel dizzy - that's exactly how I feel at the end of a virtual build day! I'd much rather get my hands dirty and build a physical pilot vehicle, but I guess the virtual engineering experience is good for me since only 2 people in my company know how to use the virtual software.

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Kylie said...

Oh Joy, Keep going I am in love with the colours and can not wait until we see the finihsed product. Good for you for limiting yourself to three knits on the go at a time - I have also done that this year in fear of never finishing anything!