Thursday, 26 April 2007

Play pants and exams

Hi all my lovely knitter and sewer friends, thanks for checking in. Although I am sad to say that after a week of serious study catch up and a final exam yesterday (6 subjects down, 4 to go!), I don't have a lot to report tonight, except to show off my spunky monkey in his new play pants.

I had these cut out a few years back when I was planning to make them for a 1yr old that I had plucked from the KMart wishing tree one Christmas. They were going to be wrapped with a knitted Bob the Builder doll that I made up as I went along, although as Christmas drew nearer and I got all busy with everything festive, I instead rushed out and bought some bath toys for the little boy instead so that they would make the tree in time for collection. He probably had more fun with them anyway, but I had wanted to make him some clothes as 1yr old's really don't care too much about Christmas presents but I thought the Mum might like to dress him in something new. I grew up in a family of three kids and a single Mum, and we were often the recipients of such gifts (usually a skipping rope or doll) and know how special it was to have something new to wear rather than ill fitting hand-me-downs, so thought it would be nice to put hand stitched clothes under the tree. However, it was not to be. But I had to give my sister back the three pairs of trousers Austy had borrowed from big cousin Jake as little cousin Zac will fit them soon, and that left Austy with not too many pairs for childcare. So I stitched them up, thinking they would probably be too small (he's now in size 2's and has a cloth nappy bum), but was happily surprised to see they fitted (even had to roll up the cuff slightly while he ran around barefoot!). They probably won't last long, but Zac will get plenty of wear out of them soon enough.

And on the knitting front..... drumroll.... the hand dyed surprise is finished! Well the knitting part is anyway. I am yet to stitch up 3 booties (I stitched up one and now I know what the finished item looks like I have lost motivation to stitch up the others). I am very pleased with how they turned out, and I think the giftee will be very happy with them too as they are nice and bright (and tiny!). They will be in the mail next week so I will be able to post a pic, along with the pincushion and other sewing related gift I have made for my EB sewing swap partner.

The ISE4 scarf is also finished (had to do the tasselled edge in the end) and I am now thinking up other niceties to send with it to my secret scarf pal in California! I was thinking about knitting her a pair of these beauties with the spare tassel yarn, but thought I'd practise with the cables on a pair for myself first (any excuse - I ADORE this pattern). Well, I cast on and did the first lot of cables but then I tried it over my wrist and it was way too big. I reread the pattern and it said it was for a 7 inch wrist, so no good for skinny wrists here :( as mine are only just 6 inches. So now I'm wondering whether they will fit my pal. I have called it quits on starting a new project tonight after that disaster, and have finally cast on for Austy's sleeves of his star jumper. I needed a nice long break from that after tangling 7 balls of yarn at the back whilst knitting the star, but I think I am ready to return now.


Cass said...

Great pants and good luck with the exams

Becky-Dee said...

Godd luck with your exams! the pants to cute on austy! Too bad about fetching...i am sure you could mod it a bit to make it more snug!

Kim said...

Good that they still fit..Cute little man!

Corrie said...

wow cute pants firstly and wow to all your knitting! I must do more on my ise4 scarf....its lying across the top of the lounge out of keira's reach and requires attention!!!

Helen said...

Well done for squeezing some sewing in amungst all the studying! Pants look great! Austy is such a cutie!:)