Thursday, 12 April 2007

Hand dyed surprise has begun!

No pics as yet as I have an awful head cold and too tired to take them when I get home from work and the sun is still up. I will have to try tomorrow if the little man lets me, but it will just be a preview of what is to come - I don't want the giftee seeing them until she gets the parcel in the mail! But the first part (of four) is now complete using my jelly experiment baby wool, and even I was surprised at how it came out - the variagates lead to an interesting diagonal stripe pattern instead of the normal flecky look that varigated yarns normally have. Probably because the garment was so small... someone I know is having twins and I dare say they will be a tad early and need newborn sizes a little longer than Austy did. There... that is all I am going to sayon this project... for now!

Austy's star jumper is coming along much faster than I thought it would - the back AND front are now complete. I finished the back so quickly because I wanted to get to the intarsia, then I finished the front so quickly because I wanted to get rid of the intarsia! It looked like such a simple two colour motiff but at one point I had 7 balls of yarn to twist and tangle behind the work. Phew! Now onto the bright stripey sleeves. It is a size 3 as our weather usually gets cool rather rapidly, like a switch from summer to winter, so will probably only get worn a few times this autumn, with most of it's wear next spring and summer evenings. When this is done I have a size 2 cable knit warm woolly one to do for him, I got a bargain on some merino with the tiniest bit of mohair for extra warmth and softness. Will post pics when the yarn arrives.

Some super soft treliske came today (my FAVOURITE yarn by far) to make some longies for Austy - for some reason the knittery wool doesn't work as well as the treliske in his bunny soaker. I am going to dye the treliske this time though. Not sure whether to use my new acid dyes, or the food colour dyeing tips that heki gave me. She has been working some wonders!


Heki said...

I can't wait to see what they surprise is!!! I bet it's gorgeous!
OMG 7 balls, I would be having a small panic attack faced by that tangle...even 2 balls requires thought and organisation for me.

Becky-Dee said...

poor you! I have had the same head cold i's not very nice is it? still trying to pull myself out of it!