Monday, 9 April 2007

Time for photos!

I have been busy this Easter weekend, as you will soon see. Just thought I'd add a few FO photos to the blog for you all to check out:

Capri pants (nappy cover), more like longies on Mr Short Legs! (He is tall for his age but all body...) A tad overdue to be posted here as I finished them a week or so ago.

YARN: The knittery handpainted 8ply superfine merino in moonlight and denim

PATTERN: Little Turtle Knits "Picky Pants"

My new socks

YARN: Patons PATONTYLE 4ply sock yarn

PATTERN: Knitty "Monkey Socks"

New night nappy for Austy (haven't sewn nappies for ages, but needed some more night weight ones now the weather is cooling down and they don't dry so fast). A non-knitted FO, but thought I'd post anyhow. Used the Very Baby pattern with side snaps.

And here's Austy modelling an ALMOST finished ISE4 scarf (just needs an edging). I had a hard time getting it back off him, so have decided that he needs a scarf for winter too!


Corrie said...

omg they are the cutest leggings ever! I am off to check out that yarn and want it now! now I tell you!

secondly where did you get that nappy pattern! my overlocker arrives in a week and I can be doing that with nappies....please let me know where I can get that pattern and keira will have more nappies than ever!

glad you had a busy productive easter


mames said...

what a little cutie, i like the baby bottom shot. knitted baby pants really are the best. i was in adelaide a few years ago around this time, it really does get chilly. i loved it though, wish we could go back.

Susan said...

Love the capri pants and monkey socks. I really want to knit them, but never quite get the time. Thanks for the comments you left on my blog.

Heki said...

The longies look great! I am thinking I may have to make a pair to add to my 'normal' soakers that I have stashed away. I can understand why Austy didn't want to give the scarf back, it's looking great and he looks very dapper wearing it!
Hmm really need to add some more nappies to my stash of soakers some day...

Kylie said...

Wow you did have a busy weekend!

Dont you just love teething Toddlers.

Austy looks very stylish modeling the scarf for you - but maybe something with a liitle more blue in it!

Becky-Dee said...

ohhh....austy's sooo sweet in that scarf!