Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday Snapshot #1

I had to intterrupt my January sewing schedule to increase the nappy stash with some more basic pocket nappies. I used only these nappies for Austy until he was around 6m old and needed a night nappy, but for Maddy pocket nappies just didn't handle going through her three hour newborn naps and I got into liking fitteds with covers, with the odd AIO to make things easier for her Daddy. With the warm weather upon us, the AIOs are a bit too warm I think with all that minky and fleece, and we've had a few incidents with the nanny not putting a cover on over fitteds. We have decided it's best to put the fitted nappies away in a different spot so as not to confuse the poor girl, but that meant I needed more "easy" nappies to take their place. I just love it when I snap the last snap and stack them all up - nothing like a fresh stack of soft brand new nappies!

I did get a start on my January knitting project though - the little tulip tee is coming along nicely although a little slow as my head doesn't seem to be in the right place for lace knitting at the moment (too much relaxing in the pool!) even for this simple but pretty pattern. I hate knitting backwards so I only do it when the house is quiet and I can concentrate. Love the feel of the cotton though.

Cutting out those nappies made me want to do more with pastels, so out came this soft squishy Pear Tree Merino (undyed Pandora from Jolly Jumbuck) and the dye pots. I love the skeined one, the balled one ended up with more green than the other colours so I will have to alternate balls as I knit. This stuff is destined for a pretty top for Madelyn in a size 2 so that it will still fit when the weather cools off.

While I am showing you my dyeing attempts, I thought I'd also add a close up of the two skeins I sent as part of the favourite colour swap Don't know why the photos are so huge but there you have it. They are both more red than the pictures show too. Red has a habit of looking pink in photos.


JazyJae's said...

beautiful work on both the nappies and the knitting.

AJ said...

Cute Nappies!! Aden looked super cute in the Reindeer one that I have of yours for chirstmas!

Kylie said...

Well done on getting the nappies sorted:)

Love the lace knitting - I hear you on knitting backwards though - pointless really - you never seem to get anywhere:)