Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Ravelry favourite colour swap photos

As mentioned in my first post for the year, I participated in the Ravelry favourite colour swap just before Christmas. Of course I chose aqua, and here is what I received, all the way from Finland.
  • 3 skeins of aqua bamboo yarn *(4 or 5ply)
  • 1 skein of wool (think it's an 8ply)
  • Aqua fiskars general purpose scissors
  • Packet of chewing gum
  • Muumin phone charm (Muumi is a Finnish cartoon character and whilst I was in Finland when I was 17 I knitted him into a cotton jumper for a baby friend in our family).
  • Little birch key charm
  • Wooden Chistmas decoration (in Finland these types of decorations are hung in windows so the sun goes through them)
  • 3 postcards and a Finnish magazine (but I can hardly remember much Finnish these days from lack of use!)

Thanks Katu!

Here's what I sent - I forgot to get a picture before it left here so Kait has done it for me. I made the plastic covered zip pouch (fully lined too) and dyed the yarn myself. The top one is a machine washable 4ply I called "Rusty Red Gate" and the bottom one a reddish pink semisolid 5ply bamboo/silk/wool, both originally undyed yarns from Jolly Jumbuck. I used thre different shades on the 4ply and dyed this first, then selected the bright red to do the 5ply but because it isn't 100% wool it didn't take the colour as deeply and is more pink than red (more red than shown here, but not quite red). I nearly kept it thinking it wasn't red enough since I was supposed to send RED, and added it to my list of things top knit up for Maddy (was thinking a Debbie Bliss vest as the yarn is the perfect sub for baby cashmerino). But My stash and list is big enough so I figured Kait could find a use for it even though it's technically not red. I also included the little kimono doll that jumped out at me one day when I was keeping my eyes open for red things, and the cute little Christmas decoration because it has a knitted hat and dress. Hopefully the cherry ripe didn't get too melted on the way!


Kylie said...

What a great swap - wat forum is that from - you scored well and love all of the reds that you sent:)

Austy's Mum said...

It was from the favourite colour swap forum in Ravelry, Kylie. I'm surprised you didn't see it as you usually find all the cool Rav swaps!