Thursday, 7 January 2010

Milo's new ride

Our breeder sent us a few more photos of our new kitten on New Years Day and asked for his microchip details. It's starting to get exciting as he should be living with us by the end of the month. The exact date we are not sure on - she told us he would have to be 12w old but that would put it into February but she said mid-January so really it could be time to pick him up really soon!

SO Austy and I went out and bought a new cat carrier today. Our old one had been in use for over 10 years, had been weakened in the sun and cracked across the top. In addition it was huge (as I used to use it on a weekly basis to take two cats to shows) and Gryffin hated floating around in it. I figured Milo won't get much bigger than our Gryffin was so it was best to buy him a new smaller one to keep him feeling safe and secure. While at the pet shop Austin picked out this wibbly wobbly toy for him (nice that the colour matched!) and while I was paying, the man that worked there took him to go and choose a ball for free.

When we got home, Austy was having some quiet time and I put Maddy to bed for a much needed sleep after her 12m immunisations (which she acyually SMILED about as the needle went in rather than cried!) and I decided to pull this baby blanket out of the WIP pile. When I started knitting it, I was just using up scraps and making a pram blanket but decided it was too scratchy for a real baby (Bendigo Classic) and did it the perfect size for Gryffin's old basket, to spruce it up a little for the new kitten. It has sat in the WIP pile for over 2m, just needing the ends darned in, so I decided to get to it, and pop it in the cat box ready for Milo's home coming. Be warned, when we get him, I hope to get some MUCH cuter photos than the ones we have been sent and will DEFINITELY be blogging them! So if you hate cats, look away now LOL.


The Humming Cat said...

Super excited for you Joy, can't wait to see more photos.

AJ said...

Lucky Milo!!

sue said...

How exciting for you to be getting a new kitten. I love its blanket too, very nice and I am sure it will love sleeping in it too.