Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Snuggle bubbies!

Last night I was a little too hot and bothered to deal with the lace on Madelyn's little tulip top so pulled out the little Lutin doll I was working on back in November. It was made within a few nights when I started it but was thrown in the WIP pile when I was so tired with work and no sleep, just needing a hat. So I made the hat and finished him off.

Technically this project is not complete as I want to make a set of three "snuggle bubbies" - one for the car, one for the pram and one for the cot. He was pretty quick to make had I not stopped and shoved him in a bag for a couple of months... but I'm not too good at making the second sock to a pair, let alone three things the same. A great little project for in between bigger things.
It's also time to confess... I broke my own rules and started something new - something simple for when I'm not in the headspace for lace. This is supposed to be a little top for Madelyn for the Autumn/Winter but I'm not sure on the colourway now it's knitted up. I'm wondering if I should unpull it and overdye it as a semisolid green or purple - something a little brighter. Hmm.... It's a difficult one because once I do it there is no turning back. What do you think... keep or rip?


Tracy said...

I really like that little knot doll. Well done!

Rebecca said...

I love the cute knot doll, you should do a tutorial. pretty please.

Austysmum said...

Rebecca, if you're on Ravelry the pattern is Lutin, here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lutin

Someone has written it up in English in her projects page (I don't know French and didn't trust my chart reading ability) so I used her instructions.

Unknown said...

I'd rip and dye - the current colour looks a bit washed out to me. Love the little knot doll.

Sue said...

The snuggle bunny is just gorgeous! I am sure lots of new mums would like them too for gifts!