Saturday, 2 February 2013

A tiny bit sidetracked

We have our internet back.  So I did some blog hopping, and got inspired.
I pulled out my scrap bag and rummaged through, to make a teeny 4" courthouse steps block from the template I found over here. However in my haste, I forgot to measure the template, and mine is only 4.25" unfinished...  so it will need a sliver of something to make it match the rest of the blocks.  Because of course, once I'd started playing with scraps, I couldn't stop there.  So now I am going back through the piece-along and making all of the other blocks.
This is block three from the Pocket Patchwork piece along.  I really shouldn't have used that solid pink - I don't think it is actually quilting fabric as it is a bit see through, and thinner than the rest.  Oh well, I have learned what happens when you work with different weight fabics.  It is very difficult to line up the seams when working with thin and thick.  Especially with such tiny pieces.  That's my wedding ring in the corner just to give you a better idea of size.  And I have skinny fingers.
I misread the instructions, and cut double the amount of squares I needed for block 3.  So I decided to turn the spares into this sweet little pinwheel block.  Now I am not a big fan of pins (call me controversial) and prefer to rely on seams nestling up together to make my seams match.  Pins seem to make matters worse for me as it makes things a bit lumpy.  Especially with tiny pieces.  However, it was a bit trickier with the seams pressed open.  I didn't want to risk the bulk of the seam allowances being too obvios on little blocks.  Didn't do too badly - although that dark pink solid gave me a little grief again.
And here they are all together.  When I woke up this morning the final blog post in the series was available, revealing that they were designed to be turned into a mini runner.  I don't have any idea what I would do with a 4" wide runner, so I think I will turn mine into a doll quilt, or iPad pouch.  I am still amazed at how far even the littlest scraps can go, and I think I NEED to make another one of those courthouse steps blocks!  Too cute.


Caz@theaccidentalquilter said...

Love the fussy cut owl in the center!

Emma said...

I avoid pinning as much as possible, too! Your points match up beautifully though - and small blocks are where they usually show badly! How about a few more blocks to make an 8" wide runner?