Wednesday, 6 February 2013

WIP Wednesday #4

That time again!  And I finally have a finished project.  I still haven't been able to give it to the new owner yet, but I doubt the new baby is reading my blog, so here it is.


My first finished quilt for the year - a simple charm square baby quilt that has been sitting as a quilt top in my stash for over two years...


I really wanted to give this an allover stipple, but I wasn't happy with my practice piece so as per usual, gave in to straight line quilting.  I definitely want to change that though.  I just love the freedom of free motion quilting, the swirly, happy calming shapes, the puffiness of a dense stipple.  So I am eagerly awaiting some lovely free motion quilting books, courtesy of my dear ole' Dad who sent me over some money for my birthday.  I had a fabulous time picking out books for me at the book depository.  Since receiving my kindle for Christmas a couple of years ago, I have hardly bought a real book for me.  Nothing beats a glossy quilt book for inspiration!


(Oh, and please excuse the sulking Lotta, she refused to let me photograph my quilt in peace and as soon as I would set it up, she'd be there, trying to get on it!)

The charms are Urban Indigo from Fig Tree Quilts. I love how well the backing goes with this quilt.  It's such a shame that I never finished these quilts in time to be of any use for their originally intended owners.  This quilt has a twin all quilted and folded in my stash, that just needs the ends stitched in (yeuck!).  I was so proud of my fabric find when I purchased the backing for these two quilts, that were destined for twins.  The boy quilt is a different pattern, but in similarly soft shades, of blue and green.  The backing for both quilts is the same fabric range, with lemon polka dots on apricot for the little girl quilt, and lemon dots on green for the boy quilt.  I had thought how sweet they would look all rolled up next to each other, yet their individuality would spill out as the quilts were unrolled.  Much like the twins have grown.

I did begin my February Lucky star block, but after I got 1/4 way through, I got sidetracked (this is becoming quite a habit!) and found an email with a pattern to test these gorgeous little letters.  I am testing for Kristy of Quiet Play, and am loving every second!  At least I was... I think I must push a little hard on my quilt ruler, as I have double jointed fingers and thumbs and it seems I have strained my thumb joint from all the triming that paper piecing brings.  I hope to find a solution soon, as I am totally loving this type of piecing! A little thumb resting tonight, and then 4 more letters to go and I can send my completed word block over to Kristy to stitch into her charity quilt for those who have suffered in the recent Tasmanian fires.
I think I am just in time for the party... Linking up here.


Sara said...

Love that backing of dots on the quilt. Very soft and cuddly:) said...

Lovely! The straight line quilting looks great.

Sue C said...

The quilt is gorgeous and complimented by the straight line quilting. Great job.