Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WIP Wednesday #6

Hmmm.. time to reflect on what I have been doing in my creative zone this week and again feel like I haven't enough to show.  I am still settling into things, but I think I am finally starting to find my feet.  New quilting books have arrived and been drooled over, and I feel inspired more than ever to get brave with FMQ.

With the realisation that the month is nearly over and I have yet to find the time to buy batting, I think it is safe to say Madelyn's quilt will remain on the backburner for a little bit longer.  I could rush it through with some straight line quilting, but I think it might be the perfect canvas for some new (to me) quilting techniques, and given that I will be looking at it every day, I don't want to think "If only I had..."  The borders scream out for some free motion, don't you think?

I have finished my February Lucky Star I showed you last week:

Made a dress for my little girl, and cut out another:
(Seriously excited about this one - couldn't fathom a more perfect fabric and pattern combo!)

And started on a cushion to test out the pattern I want to make the AIP quilt with.  I am using a 4" block, however the quilt will be done with a 7" block.  I didn't have many scraps left big enough for the 7" size, and wanted to use my cherished Central Park leftovers. This will have pride of place on my lounge, along with the matching Blockapalooza quilt (that is waiting on final borders).

Next weeks goals:
  1. Sew up another dress  for my girl
  2. Finish piecing my Central Park cushion top
  3. Frolic on some fabric to practice FMQ
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Emma said...

Oooh, I like your test blocks!

Austysmum said...

Thanks Emma! And thanks for the quick help with those too :)

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I'm in the same kind of limbo re FMQ... holding off on a few projects thinking they would be good FMQ practice but torn between wanting to get them done! I picked up some $1.49 fabric the other day and have decided to make another batch of practice sandwiches to build up my confidence - then some "real" projects. Got to start sometime!

Love your Lucky Star block and your test block looks great~!

Anonymous said...

I am loving your cushion top! I love the fabrics and the design. Awesome job. Thanks for sharing.

Austysmum said...

Thanks Deb, I will be doing the same. Some cheap homespun + batting offcuts = perfect size for sampling the quilting designs from my new books. Without the fear of ruining a perfectly good quilt, we CAN do this! :)