Sunday, 17 February 2013

She's apples!

I haven't been too well over the past few days, but when my little Miss requested a pink dress I decided not to let a dreaded stomach virus keep me away from my machine!  I bought this fabric from Spotlight just before Christmas, when there was a sale on, and I was feeling motivated to make my little girl's summer wardrobe rather than buy it.  Unfortunately, as always, time got the better of me, and the fabric went straight to my stash,

The pattern is Tie Die Diva's "Sweet Summer Girls Halter Dress".  I loved being able to download it and use it straight away.  It is a really simple little dress to sew up, and comes in two sizes (baby-toddler, or little girl - 8yrs).  The hardest part is sewing the curved part of the straps to the bodice, but it's doable, and you get that out of the way straight up, and it just kind of falls together from there.  Exactly what I needed when I still had a bit of a foggy, achey head.

Unfortunately my camera wasn't focusing properly, and when I realised that the lens wasn't clicked in all the way, it was too late - she wasn't cooperating anymore, so these are the best shots I could get. She is never still for a moment - then complains when we have to walk more than a few metres.  No wonder, she burns off all her energy at a rate of knots!

I made the size 6 but her chest size (surprisingly!) is not much bigger than a 4 in this pattern.  It looks tight across the chest in these photos, but I think it is more that it is sitting a little too low.  I should have put a shorter length of elastic in the back as it falls a bit and then pulls across the chest.  Not the pattern's fault at all,  she has a little growing room.  She is 4 years old but generally wears size 6-7 in bought clothing, because of her chest size and giraffe legs!  I think it looks gorgeous in real life, and would definitely make another.  Although I have plans to make another of Tie Die Diva's dresses first - they are so easy and quick to make, yet so pretty.

The little headband is another ruffle headband, from the tutorial I used a couple of years ago for her Christmas dress.  I just love it!  Really easy to make, clever construction and it actually stays on her head (when she's not fiddling too much).

Have to finish with the obligatory twirly shot!

That brings my stash count down by 7 FQs.

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AJ said...

Cute dress Joy! Much more exciting than the 8 pairs of shorts I've been making!