Friday, 8 February 2013

I will finish it!

Oh no, I have missed the link up! I only discovered A Year of Lovely Finishes halfway through January, so I tacked it on my sidebar to trigger my memory when it came to February. But of course I still forgot about it!

I will pretend I am linked up though (shame about missing the prizes), and make a public finish commitment all the same.

My one "must finish" project for this month is Madelyn's big bed quilt. I spent a considerable amount of time in January growing it from cot size to twin size and adding borders before it got laid aside to finish the baby quilt. By dedicating it as my February finish, I hope to avoid it sitting as an unfinished quilt top as long as that baby quilt did! I have all the fabric I need, just need some batting, and some courage to make it happen.

The race is on: will DH finish building her bed first, or will I finish her quilt?

What are you working on this month?

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