Wednesday, 30 January 2013


WIP Wednesday has been sabotaged today – it seems Mr Skilly got a bit carried away with data downloads last week, crippling our internet and preventing me from publishing photos on my blog.

The WIPS have been progressing though. I have completed Maddy’s quilt top, quilted the charm square baby quilt, and have only about 10cm to go on Maddy’s knitted rainbow top, which I ended up going with my own design. Just a bit of binding, a bit of quilting and a bit more knitting until I have three completed FO’s.

I am going to be gentle on myself for the next week or so. My baby started kindy this week – so proud of how she just slotted in perfectly and I am itching to share her first day at kindy photo. She was oh so tired at the end of the day, but loved every minute. My new routine of two hour treks home from work going via childcare and school, picking up two very tired little kidlets will begin on Monday, as my boy starts at his new school full time (just a one-on-one morning session, and two short afternoons with only half the class this week). I am positive that the sacrifices we are making to get him there are going to be worth it– his new teacher sounds very switched on and autism aware, committed to helping him succeed not only this year, but to set him up well for every other year, when he returns to mainstream school. I am just glad I have a new coffee machine to get me through the early mornings and long days!

I am guessing the slow cooker (and Mr Skilly who follows my orders… I mean, instructions and turns it on before he leaves for work) will be my best friend, leaving me more time to help the kidlets with the transition home, and to settle them into quiet activities for the last part of the day. The driving gets me pretty exhausted at the best of times, but add two tetchy, tired children to the mix and there is likely to be tears and screaming (hopefully not from me!). I will be feeling ready for bed the moment I turn out their lights. So, if I can muster the energy, I hope to get the following done over the next week:

• Bind and label the baby quilt
• February’s Lucky Star block (and coordinating crumb block – more on those next week!)
• Knit some more on Maddy’s rainbow top

Gently does it…

Anything extra is a bonus!

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