Friday, 18 January 2013

Uh oh...

My stash busting really isn't going that well - 89 FQ up already! I really need a finish to save me soon.  Luckily every fabric I have purchased this year is to finish a WIP (or in the case of the BOM fabrics, to start a quilt that I plan to complete this year), so the news isn't all bad since my goal is simply to be at a negative by the end of the year.  It is a bit scary though, seeing it is only January, and a bit of a shock since I have never really tracked my fabric purchases before.

This little bundle arrived from yesterday, and because it includes 108" backing fabric, it really made my stash count soar (just as the Blockapalooza backing did when I went to Tricia's Discount Fabrics).  The good news is, I now have no excuses to not finish Madelyn's quilt!  And the race is on between my hubby and me - will he finish building and painting her bed first, or will I finish the quilt? Seeing as he still hasn't built the trundle drawer for Austy's bed, I might be the one to back!  48 blocks down 26 to go... and another trip to Tricia's for the solid border fabric.

More happy mail came today - the last of the border fabric for my Central Park Blockapalooza quilt, some greys for my Lucky Star BOM and the new Ottobre mag - with some very cute outfits for the kids!

I did finish this little set for Maddy and her Australian Girl "Emily" doll, but that only used up an amount of fabric equivalent to 3 FQs.  Still not going in the right direction. I think I need a quilt finish to make a big dent.

I made this little cotton knit top for Emily at Christmas too, so since it was last year's efforts (just) the top is my Flashback Friday project for today.

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