Wednesday, 16 January 2013

WIP Wednesday #2

Other than my two Lucky Star blocks, I don't think I have really done much this week (I knew this would happen when I started WIP Wednesday last week, but didn't think it would happen quite so soon!)  So this week, I have only a teeny bit to show you.

I have added a few more blocks to Madelyn's quilt block pile, and have done some layout planning and calculations to turn this Schnibbles pattern ("Four Corners") into a single bed size.

It turns out my 20 blocks need to grow into 74! Luckily they are fairly simple blocks, and I can easily do 4 at a time in less than half an hour if they are all cut out. I have been reluctant to cut and sew too many though as I have some new fabrics on the way to help me grow this quilt, and I want to make sure the new fabrics end up in more than just a couple of blocks. One of them was used by Emma How (LINK) when she pieced together and quilted Madelyn's baby quilt "Joy of Friendship", which goes beautifully with Maddy's feature wall and I thought it would make the quilt a bit more special to include some. The prints are quite a mash-up of styles, so hopefully this slightly larger print doesn't look a bit strange amongst the more delicate florals. If it does, I will simply use it on the back somewhere. I love this fabric too much not to use it. The quilt is a little faded, from lots of use and an equal amount of love!


We have also had a baby girl born into the extended family recently - a sweet little bundle born to hubby's cousin's wife, named Indiana Niamh.  I knew my WIP cupboard would come in handy, for in it lay two unfinished quilts, originally made for our friends' twins, now 2 years old!  The twins received hand knitted vests in colours to match their quilts but the quilts never made it to completion.  Our friends were blessed with a boy and a girl, so in the WIP cupboard was a baby quilt for either sex.  Had Indiana been a boy, all I would have to do would be to tie off some thread ends, and finish stitching the binding down (really - that's all that the boy quilt needs, yet it has sat in the cupboard untouched for so long!). The baby girl quilt is a simple Japanese coin style, with only the top made, so I have now pressed, and basted ready to quilt. I am trying to decide whether I am brave enough to FMQ or whether I stick to a simple no-fail straight line pattern.


I still have 150g of the apricot coloured Rowan Cashsoft that I used to make the vest for the little girl twin, so perhaps Indiana will get a little matching knitted dress as well.  I am thinking of doing another little Darwinia like I made for my gorgeous niece, Katherine.  I love this pattern - it always knits up looking adorable!

However, I must finish this quilt first - my stash count is starting to look a little scary with no "Out"s to speak of and more fabric on the way...


Chris said...

Even small progress is progress :)

Schulz Family said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. GOsh you are busy with all of yours. Great reading them all

Emily said...

The baby quilt is very cute. Hope the finishing goes well.