Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lucky Stars BOM

It's my birthday, so I get to sew!  Which means I have completed both the practice block, and the January block for the Lucky Star Block of the Month.
I wasn't going to do the practice block as I didn't like the look of it in the pattern tutorial and flickr uploads.  However having done it in my fabric choices, I actually like it more than the January block!  I wasn't looking forward to matching the seams in that beach ball centre, but it wasn't too bad after all. 
Still trying to work out when is the best time to remove the papers - when the whole block is complete, or just the block segments, but I am glad I have switched to using proper paper.  I now have Carol Doaks sheets to work with after always having simply used printer paper before.

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Emma said...

It's easier to remove the foundations earlier, but don't remove them until you've trimmed. For blocks like this, I'd get the quarters done, then trim the squares using the markings on the foundations (remember to add the seam allowance when trimming!) and then join.