Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Testing a pattern

My mailbox has been enjoying lots of wonderful fabric mail the past few weeks, including some gorgeous knits from Crafty Mama, some beautiful baby cord (oililly reprints) from Holland Fabric House, and some wonderful winnings of pink and white charms from Emma, and cute Christmas fabrics from Kylie. Honestly, I almost don't know where to start, and to top it off, a back issue of Ottobre Design came today. It is one of the best issues - 2/2005 - on recommendation from the very clever Milly, who was making one of the cutest little tees from it for our EB swap. Austy will have one of those for sure! The pattern that sold me on it though was the beautiful blue baby dress, with matching frilly knickers and tee, that would just be sooo pretty on Madelyn.

While hunting down baby cord on etsy one night I also came across this baby bootie pattern from Lil Baby Thangs. Now that the weather is getting cooler and socks just never stay on, I thought it worth a try. I want to make a couple of complete outfits with the fabrics I bought from crafty Mama, comprising of a wrap over top, leggings, hat and booties, but before cutting into the good stuff I decided to try the pattern out with some left over cherry fabric first. They will go with her little cupcake top perfectly, and I wished I'd found the pattern sooner as they would have been cute as newborn booties at Christmas when she was wearing her matching cherry scratch mitts!

Anyway I will definitely be making more of these, either as newborn gifts, teamed with a hat and scratch mitts (my pattern that actually stays on - none of my bought mits did despite me being prepared buying several pairs after Austy still has a scar on his face from scratching it at only 2 days old), or as little winter boots for Madelyn. I can see them being made out of a soft fleecy, minky or faux fur for winter, perhaps with an embellishment of some kind. And I was also thinking of modifying the design slightly to allow for a suede sole - thoes with suede soles remind me of teddybear paws. Too cute!

They were easy to make, and pretty quick too (every mum loves that!) and most importantly she can't kick them off! I will be sending on a pair to the cute little Ashton as well who came to visit yesterday but between both babies feeding and sleeping for the short time they were here I couldn't egt a photo. So I have booked my sis in for a photo play date with Madelyn and Ashton, before they get too mobile. Ashton is already almost breakdancing on the rug at only 4 months!


~LilOlFrankie~ said...

They are gorgeous!!! I must try a pair myself!!!

Xena said...

They are soo cute that I went and bought the pattern. Thanks for the link. Now I really will be converting all the old wraps into tee's or suits with matching booties.

Becky said...

These are the cutest things I have seen all day!

Sereknitty said...

Love those!