Friday, 20 March 2009

Opening day!!!

Today was opening day for the EB kids clothing swap. I was very excited when I saw Karen's name on the back of the parcel when it arrived yesterday. I had been the first to comment on the fabrics she showed us, and once I got the satchel had to check her sneak peak!

(A blurry hug for his new jacket)

Austy was very excited to open a couple of gifts this morning, so excited that he couldn't sit still for photos! He scored a very detailed and spunky winter jacket, that would have taken alot of time to make. Thanks Karen!!

And a reverse appliqued t-shirt that he wouldn't take off, he knows A is for Austy!

And I scored a little brooch:

So I took my two little darlings out in handmade today, Austy in his A t-shirt and Madelyn in her little owl dress that I finished off last night. I love the back view best, all tied up like a present.

What a day! Off to check out what everyone else got now.


Romi Jade said...

Awww... the outfits are just divine!

How gorgeous is that jacket!! That must have been so hard to do!

Your daughter is beautiful :)

Beetlehouse Designs said...

Fantastic Karen. Well done. That jacket is awesome. I bet Austin will be very happy with it.

Kylie said...

That jacket is fab - well done Karen. Let me guess - is it an ottobree? Seems to be the trend at the moment and looks so great for a cold winter.

Little Munchkins said...

Karen had shared the details of her swap item with me earlier after I bugged her! The jacket she made is truly awesome, so much so that she has inspired me to make one too. Austy is going to look so spunky when he wears it.

As for the dress you made for Maddy, absolutely gorgeous, and I love the back too.

becanne said...

Gee those colours suit Austy perfectly - he will be such a heartbreaker!
Maddy looks super cute in her gift-wrapping too. Ilove that blue owl print.
I'm yet to see who got your lovely set - lucky, lucky!

Natalie said...

OMG Karen!!!! The jacket is just amazing - you must be so proud of yourself. I'd love to tackle one, and just may get the courage too.... one day ;)

Joy, Maddy looks adorable in her new dress - I love the bow at the back. Do you mind sharing what pattern you used?

Andrea said...

WOW at the jacket, Karen what an amazing job you have done! Austy looks so pleased with it too. The little dress for Madelyn is just delightful also.

Austysmum said...

Natalie I drafted the pattern myself so I only have it in this size. Maybe you could upsize it for Miss C?

Sereknitty said...

Gorgeous jacket and darling dress for your little ones! Such talented seamstresses!

Karen said...

So glad you like it Joy, I hope Austy ges lots of chance to wear it when you are away.

I adore the bow on Maddy's dress - I am a sucker for a bow on a dress and frilly knickers - very sweet.