Monday, 9 March 2009

My photography mojo is back!

I have been kicking myself for not trying very hard to take nice portaits of Maddy each month like I did with Austin. I always thought I would take MORE of her than him bnecause I am better at it now than I used to be, however having Austy as a subject put me off a little. Not because he isn't super cute (because no matter how naughty he can be he is always 100% adorable!) but because he never stays in one spot long enough to use manual settings. Since I am still without a DSLR, I have to use buttons to change exposure and focus rather than lenses. So it does take time. And as soon I get it right, he's out of the shot and in different lighting and I have to do it all again. As a result I have just been using the camera like a standard point and shoot and the photos have been uninspiring.

However after the shots I took at my friend's wedding on Saturday, I felt confident to give it a go again with a much less mobile model. Here are the results!

And one the girls set up while I was photographing the bride - it was screaming at me to pop the colour out a bit with photoshop for a bit of fun!


Ariane said...

Gorgeous!!! Love the photo's. The baby is beautiful.

Becky said...


Natalie said...

Aww just adorable! I can't believe how chubby Maddy is getting, my little miss is very petite, which I didn't expect as her brothers were both much bigger.